How to get to Mt.Fuji!?

富士山登山のルート春花プレゼンツ アウトドア情報


Hello, I’m Haruka!


Today I’m going to talk about … ”How to get to

the fifth station of Mt.Fuji from Kawaguchiko station”.


I speak English badly, but sorry about that.









How to get to Mt Fuji !? Welcome to Japan !!



Mt.Fuji routes


First of all, you can choose a way from 4 routes

when you climb Mt.Fuji.




There are Fujinomiya, Gotenba, Subashiri, and Yoshida route, and

today I’m going to show ” Yoshida route” for you. (Yellow one)


Yoshida route is the most popular and it’s easier to climb

compare with the other routes.



Kawaguchiko station




This is Kawaguchiko station.


You can easily come from Shinjuku(新宿), Shibuya(渋谷),

Narita(成田), Osaka(大阪), etc… by bus.


It’s also possible to use trains but it takes more time than bus.



Shinjuku bus terminal ↓↓



There are restaurants, souvenir shops, convenience stores, etc…

around Kawaguchiko station.


Tourist information center ↓↓



To rent or buy climbing gears


When you climb Mt.Fuji, you absolutely need

to wear proper clothes and gears.


Then you can visit our outdoor shop which is

just located in the opposite side of Kawaguchiko station.


スクリーンショット 2015-11-23 14.29.35


Not only you can rent and buy climbing gears, but also

we have a good selection of camping and outdoor equipment.




In addition, you can rent bicycles such as road bikes,

mountain bikes, and city bikes.


Take a bus to Mt.Fuji


It’s obvious where you can buy bus tickets to the fifth station.


You just need to go inside the station and

you’ll find the signboard with ” To Mt.Fuji ”.




This is the timetable to go to the fifth station.

Be careful not to miss a bus because there are not so many buses.







A bus is coming!




It takes about 1 hour by bus.

There is a musical road on the way to the fifth station,

then you can hear the music ” Fujisan (Mt.Fuji in Japanese)” XD



The fifth station of Mt.Fuji


It was sooo cold. Despite it was 26 degrees

at Kawaguchiko station….OMG



Even if it’s summer time, the fifth station is completely winter.

That’s why you need to wear proper clothes.




There are restaurants, souvenir shops, cafes, and…

a lot of people from foreign countries!!


I’m going to show you a little bit 🙂


Shrine ↓↓



Beautiful sight 1 ↓↓



Kongo-zue(金剛杖) ↓↓

This is trekking pole. If you climb with this pole,

you can get stamps at each station!




I had a Kokemomo soft ice cream.

Kokemomo is the name of fruit, and it grows only at

high altitude or cold areas such as Mt.Fuji.


It tastes like cranberries!




You can start climbing from here!

But please note that you can climb only in the summer time.




The way back to Kawaguchiko


You can buy round-trip tickets at Kawaguchiko station.

But if you don’t have return tickets yet, you can buy it here. ↓↓



In this season, you can ask a bus driver to buy tickets

because receptionist are not there except summer time.




It was already dark when I came back,

but Mt.Fuji was really beautiful!!


Sorry that my English is very bad..

If you find any mistakes, please help me to fix it 🙂


Thank you for reading!! BYE~☆★