Shoes for Mt.Fuji climbing

Shoes for Mt.Fuji climbing

What do you think that it is important for Mt.Fuji climbing? Is it a mountain climbing bag and clothes? No, the most important goods is mountain climbing shoes. The wrong choice of mountain climbing shoes can have possibilities to become fatal. I introduce that how climbing shoes is good, please look for the shoes suitable you.

How to choose the size of shoes for Mt.Fuji climbing

There are some points to choose shoes for Mt.Fuji climbing. It is important to choose shoes which is around 1cm bigger than usually wear one. When you pushed the tiptoe, mountain climbing shoes of the size with the room slightly is good. Because you overwhelm your foot on mountain climbing, your foot swell and become bigger at the time of decent from Mt.Fuji. Therefore, in the case of good size, shoes cannot coordinate such the change of your foot and will continue giving a foot stress. So you must choose the slightly bigger shoes by all means when you choose the shoes.

How to tie shoelace of shoes for Mt.Fuji climbing

It is particularly important when you wear shoes for Mt.Fuji climbing that how to tie up shoelace at the time of the descent from a mountain. Do you know about your foot condition is very different when you climb and descent from Mt.Fuji? Because your foot is tired at the time of descent from a mountain in particular, you may to hurt your foot easily, you need to learn how to wear well. At first you wear the shoes so that the instep and an ankle fit shoes well, and you tie a shoelace one by one from the point. At the time of a descent from a mountain, by tightening a part of the instep well, toes hit shoes and shoe sore can be prevented.

The socks is also important

And it is socks to be important to protect your foot as well as mountain climbing shoes. Prevent from wearing thin socks for usual times. Choose the thick socks for mountain climbing by all means. Please do not think that I hate the thick socks because the it gets sweaty. When you wear thin socks, it is torn at the time of mountain climbing, and friction to your foot occurs. And it is dangerous at all because it may become the cause that shoe sore and the injury of foot are caused. It would not be an exaggeration to say that half of the injury at the time of climbing is resolved by wearing a little bit big shoes and thick socks. 

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