Original Mt.Fuji T-shirts

Original Mt.Fuji T-shirts

At Soranoshita Kawaguchiko, we sell various original Mt. Fuji T-shirts.
These cool T-shirts are only purchasable here and it’s good for souvenirs and gifts!

Today I introducing the top 3 of our original Mt.Fuji T-shirts!

Our original Mt.Fuji T-shirts

World heritage Fuji

Mount Fuji that symbolized Japan was inscribed on the world’s cultural heritage list in 2013.
The official inscribed name is “Fujisan, sacred place and source of artistic inspiration”

This design is very popular for all seasons.

“Goraiko” and Mt.Fuji

The Japanese word “Goraiko” means the sunrise from Mt.Fuji, and it’s also holy thing.
People who climb Mt.Fuji usually stay overnight at mountain hut and
start climbing in the early morning again to see “Goraiko” at the top of Mt.Fuji.

The view of “Goraiko” from the top of Mt.Fuji is very beautiful.

This design has “Goraiko” at the top of Mt.Fuji.

Mt.Fuji climber

Lots of people climb Mt.Fuji every summer.

It’s a good idea to buy this T-shirt before or after you climb Mt.Fuji.
You can motivate yourself if you get it before you climb Mt. Fuji,
and it will be a good memento for you if it’s after you climb it.

The number of 3776 is the altitude of Mt.Fuji.

The price and size selection of our Mt. Fuji T-shirts.

Our Mt.Fuji T-shirts are 2100 yen, and T-shirts made in Japan are 3900 yen!

We have the sizes from 150cm to 3L, so they fit various people.
For example, I think it’s a lovely idea to wear same T-shirts with family or couple!

We have approx 150 kind of T-shirts right now if we include colors and sizes.
Also there are dry and cotton T-shirts, so you can choose them depends on your purpose.

I recommend you to get cotton T-shirts for your souvenir, and get dry T-shirts
if you bring them to Mt.Fuji because it’s high sweat absorption.

I hope you’ll enjoy our original Mt.Fuji T-shirts!

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