Hiking at Okuniwa – The 4th station of Mt.Fuji

Hiking at Okuniwa – The 4th station of Mt.Fuji

Lots of people go to the 5th station of Mt.Fuji for sightseeing,
but I highly recommend to do hiking at Okuniwa which is at the 4th station of Mt.Fuji!

At the 5th station, you can enjoy sightseeing such as buying souvenir and visit shrine,
but I recommend the 4th station to the person who would like to enjoy nature of Mt. Fuji.

The 4th station is a little-known but good place with less people than the 5th station
because l
arge buses can’t park at the 4th station.

Hiking at Okuniwa – The 4th station of Mt.Fuji

The garden of Tengu

Few minutes walk from Okuniwa car park,
you can arrive at the place which is called “The garden of Tengu”.

Tengu is an imaginary goblin, who has a red face,
a long nose, wings on his back, and a feather fan in his hand.

It is said that he grants people fortune and misfortune,
and there is a lore that Tengu had lived in this garden once.

Okuniwa promenade

Okuniwa promenade leads to an observation spot.
You can enjoy colored leaves in autumn, and also bird-watching.

Lunch time at Okuniwa -The 4th station of Mt.Fuji

I think it’s a good idea to have a lunch at Okuniwa!
Japanese people usually bring “bento”
which is Japanese style lunch box when we go for a picnic!

For example, the representative dish of Japanese “bento” is…

  • Onigiri – rice ball
  • Tamago yaki – Japanese rolled omelette
  • Octopus shape sausage
  • Karaage – Japanese style fried chicken

We also put some vegetables and fruits.

If the weather is nice, you can see the beautiful contrast between Mt. Fuji and the sky.

You can spend great time with having colorful and Kawaii bento and seeing Mt.Fuji!

I recommend you to hike at Okuniwa (the 4th station) in autumn
because there is a regulation for driving “Fuji subaru line” (the road to the 5th station)
by car on July and August but you can drive to the 4th station in Autumn!

I hope you’ll enjoy hiking at Okuniwa – the 4th station of Mt.Fuji!

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