Second hand gear (equipment) at Soranoshita Kawaguchiko

Second hand gear (equipment) at Soranoshita Kawaguchiko

Soranoshita Kawaguchiko has variety of high quality
second hand gear – outdoor clothing and equipment.

Today I am showing you a part of our second hand gear.

Soranoshita second hand

First of all, we pursue the quality of second hand gear.

We study a maintenance method every single day
to provide as well as new one or further quality gear .

For example about rainwear,
we give original water-repellent processing (droproof)
and do ironing individually, after cleaning.

We aim at the further improvement of the maintenance skill.

Second hand outdoor clothing

Part of our second hand clothing is below.


Our rainwear is from Japanese outdoor brand “mont-bell”.

  • Gore-tex
  • mont-bell’s original waterproof

jackets and trousers are available.

Our second hand rainwear is in great condition
of waterproof and water repellent.


Warm fleece are on sale with reasonable price.
It’s very useful if you have the one.

Down jacket

These down jackets have both of lightness and warmth.
These are used for inner-down, then you can wear them underneath the rainwear.

Second hand outdoor equipment

Part of our second equipment is below.

Trekking shoes

We have trekking shoes for kids and adults (size ~30cm).


The backpacks of popular outdoor brands are on sale with reasonable price!

  • Gregory
  • deuter

are available!

Snow gear

Sometimes we sell snow gear such as replica watches snow shoes and crampons.
You may find good bargain but it depends on the season.

Selling items are changed but it depends on the season,
so finding good bargain is enjoyable!

Except these gear above, we may have tents, sleeping bags,
trekking poles, lanterns, and so on!

Come on and have a look 🙂 !

OPEN9:00 - 18:00
SORANOSHITA KAWAGUCHIKO3631-2 Funatsu Fujikawaguchiko Minamitsuru-gun Yamanashi Google Map