The second hand of full-scale trekking boots only 3,000 yen?!

The second hand of full-scale trekking boots only 3,000 yen?!

Christmas is coming soon! Are you ready for Christmas gifts?

At Soranoshita Kawaguchiko branch,  we sell GREGORY backpacks as good as new is 20% OFF from the regular price and selling unused camping goods with some flaws and selling second hand rain wear.

This time we will introduce cheap gear from our shop!

Is the full-scale trekking boots only this price?!

The gear is the trekking boots!!

A second hand item of trekking boots from “mont bell” that is one of the outdoor brand in Japan was 3,000 yen only one pair! The boots were coated the waterproof repellent which is “droproof” water repellent technology developed by soranoshita inc. (For information on “droproof” please check the link below)

If you buy a new trekking shoe, no matter how cheap, it will be over 10,000 yen! From the above, this is real bargain.

“I think I am going to climb on Mt. Fuji next season.”  “I’m not sure yet, but I think to change my shoes.”
If you think as above, the trekking shoes are perfect products for you! And we sell trekking boots for child is at 2000 yen.

About size of shoes

We complete the size from 20.0 to 29.0 cm.

But in some cases we may not be able to prepare the your desired size.

Kawaguchiko will get colder and cooler. When you visit Kawaguchiko Lake, please visit our store! All the staff are waiting!

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