Water at Mt.Fuji climbing ~ The amount to bring and the price ~

Water at Mt.Fuji climbing ~ The amount to bring and the price ~

Always bring water when climbing Mt. Fuji

There is no water service in Mt. Fuji. Also, because Mt. Fuji is a geology that is easy to pass water, there is no spring or well in the middle of climbing Mount Fuji. Hand wash water in mountain huts and toilets, etc. is using drinking water such as rain water, so you can not drink it. Therefore, preparation for drinking water is absolutely necessary at Mt. Fuji climbing.

How much should you bring water?

The amount of water required for climbing Mt. Fuji depends on the weather, required time, physique and physical condition, so it can not be said unconditionally. However, when starting from the fifth station, it is recommended that people with general physical fitness start climbing with a bottle of 500 ml × 2 = 1 liter of water. By the way it comes down, I think that it will add more 1 to 2 liters of 500 ml at the mountain huts and shops in the middle. However, it is not recommended to raise as much as 2 to 3 liters when starting to climb, either for weight or size. Of course, those who are confident in physical fitness, I think it may be good to bring lots of water from the beginning, but it is heavy. Though it is better to think about 1000 yen of water purchased locally as necessary expenses in advance, you do not regret.

Price of water at Mt. Fuji

In a mountain hut or shop, in most cases, it is sold at around 500 yen from several hundred yen. Although it may be thought that it is high, water is very heavy. Mountain huts and shops in Mt. Fuji costs high expenses and carry baggage from the foot, by bulldozers, cars, human resources and so on. Therefore, it is unavoidable to become such a price. It tends to be altitude sickness and dehydration unless you drink water. When climbing, in order to prevent altitude sickness and dehydration symptoms, it is important to feed water little by little frequently. Because clothes do not become so sore, you will feel not sweating. But it is because it is very dry, in fact it is very sweating. As you drink a lot at once, it will be drained as sweat and pee, so it is important to drink frequently little by little.

Convenient goods for water supply for Mt.Fuji climbing ~Hydrator~

Many people put plastic bottles and water bottles in their backpack pockets, but as you get exhausted, you tend to stop taking water from backpack. Hydrator is useful in such a situation. There is no hassle to take water, so it is very convenient for frequent water supply.

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