Hydration for Mt.Fuji climbing

Hydration for Mt.Fuji climbing

I think some climber worry how much water is necessary to climb Mt. Fuji. . There are some mountain huts on the climbing route, and you can get bottles of water there so you don’t need to bring many bottles of water. Then how much water do you need when you climb Mt.Fuji?

When I climb Mt.Fuji, how much water should I take?

It is said that climber takes 2 to 3 liters of water while climbing Mt.Fuji, but it is very hard to carry that so you should bring only 1liter. Then, you should take two bottles of 500 ml is best for you. Although the tea or sports drinks are also OK. Water is convenient because you can rinse wounds if you get injured. Then, Plastic bottles are better way because you can bring back the bottles because of crushing and need to bring back all garbage.

You can get water at the mountain huts.

You can easily buy water in a mountain hut, because there are 16 mountain huts on the Yoshida route which many people use, you can arrive at the next mountain hut when you walk a little. Therefore, there cannot be the thing troubled with procurement of the water. In addition, Fujinomiya routes have 7huts and Subashiri routes have 9huts, so you may don’t feel inconvenience. But, in the case of Gotemba route, there are only 5huts although the distance of the mountain trail is long. So you will feel inconvenienced in procuring water.

When you supply water in a mountain hut, there are many huts which only the shop is fortunately open even by night. However, because all mountain huts are not so, the person climbing a mountain at midnight to view the sunrise from the top of a high mountain will be careful . In addition, you prepare small change in the place where it is easy to take out to purchase water smoothly.

Don’t forget hydration while Mt.Fuji climbing!

Keep hydrating while climbing Mt.Fuji, otherwise the risk increases to be altitude sickness. When a symptom is severe, you will give up mountain climbing. The first cure for mountain sickness is to lower altitude. In addition, you may suffer from heat stroke because Mount Fuji in the daytime is strong in sunlight when you do not drink water. Hydration is indispensable for the safe mountain climbing. you should drink at every break little by little than you drink water after feeling dehydration. When a body dries, you may want to drink water in large quantities. If you drink lots at once you will not be absorbed by your body, the number of times you go to the toilet will increase.

To remember to hydrate, it is better to take breaks frequently.

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