Fifth station of Yoshida route -The language of flowers is Careful, precaution, attention-

Fifth station of Yoshida route -The language of flowers is Careful, precaution, attention-

The mountain hut “Satogoya” is one color of Nanakamado!

A mountain hut at the fifth station of Yoshida route.

It is not the fifth station of the Subaru line by car, but a walking trail from the foot, walking the first, second, third, fourth station.

Satogoya is standing there.

I like the scenery of this Satogoya at the end of October.

Of course, from the terrace here, the scenery of the sea of clouds and the foot looking down while drinking canned beer is also wonderful.

But what I like to do is nothing special, just looking at the old Sato hut itself.

Actually, the whole building stains in a vivid reddish color like burning.

It seems as if the Satogoya is wrapped in flames. It is a magnificent view of autumn, unique to Mt. Fuji, Satogoya.

The identity of the flame is “Nanakamado”.

Even if it is put in the Kitchen range (Kamado) it is a guts of root that this name was attached because it does not burn out.

That flame is a splendid red. Red in autumn leaves is not defeated, it is a fantastic color beyond plants.

In Nanakamado’s autumnal leaves, the fruits are first colored red and then the leaves turn red.

Satogoya stains red because this Nanakamado tree actually surrounds the building like a forest.

I will say it for honor, never Satogoya is dangerous.

On the contrary, this hut is unusual for Mt. Fuji because it is open all year long to greet climbers.

The owner is the one who heads for rescue first if contact of distress comes.

To tell the truth, I am the one who believes that the tree of Nanakamado is a message from this owner and Satogoya.

The language of flowers is Careful, precaution, attention.

A person and a building watching many climbers every year.

The language of flowers of Nanakamad is exactly for this owner and hut.

While we are convinced, we love beer this year, while enjoying the burning autumn of Satogoya.

OPEN9:00 - 18:00
SORANOSHITA KAWAGUCHIKO3631-2 Funatsu Fujikawaguchiko Minamitsuru-gun Yamanashi Google Map