The best taking picture spots of Mt.Fuji around Kawaguchiko-lake.

The best taking picture spots of Mt.Fuji around Kawaguchiko-lake.

If you arrive kawaguchiko-lake, I think your the one of purpose is taking beautiful pictures of Mt.Fuji. There are some places to take pictures of Mt.Fuji around Kawaguchiko-lake. So this page, we will teach you our recommend the some spots to take around there.

Kawaguchiko-lake is known to be able to see what Mt.Fuji as reflected in a lake. And you can take a picture Mt.Fuji with cherry blossom from March to April. In addition, lots of taking picture spots around Kawaguchiko-lake, but why does tourists take picture Mt.Fuji with Kawaguchiko-lake. Because the shape of Mt.Fuji is constructed beautiful symmetry. Especially there are no wire and no shield between Mt.Fuji and the north of Kawaguchiko-lake. You can see whole Mt.Fuji from the summit to the foot of Mt.Fuji. So we hope you can take beautiful picture when you trip in Kawaguchiko-lake.

Best taking picture spot around Kawaguchiko-lake.

-The walking road in front of Kawaguchikohan hotel-

This place is one of the best taking picture places around a low of hotels along Lakeside. So there is lots of tourists in the walking road. If it is sunny that you visit our town, we recommend you may walk in the road from in front of the hotel to the bridge of Kawaguchiko.


“Mt.Fuji as reflected in a lake from Ubuyagasaki” is known by lots of people in Japan. Recently it is  popular that tourists take pictures of Mt.Fuji with the bridge of Kawaguchiko. Actually, “Mt.Fuji as reflected in a lake” is not only Ubuyagasaki. When the

-The bridge of Kawaguchiko-

The bridge of Kawaguchiko is nominated in the 100 of japanese roads. The location is very beautiful. You can walk through the bridge. So you may be able to find shooting location on the bridge. But please be careful for lots of cars when you take pictures.

-Ooishi Park-

The seeing Mt.Fuji from Ooishi park that you can see symmetric ridge line of Mt.Fuji is good for take pictures. You can see Unoshima-Island in Kawaguchiko-lake and the flowers in Ooishi-park. The flowers are different showing color for all seasons. We recommend season is the term of Herb Festival from the early June to the early July. You can take picture the flower of Herb and Mt.Fuji. The composition is so beautiful.

-Kawaguchiko Station-

When you go to the Kawaguchiko station by train or highway bus, little by little Mt.Fuji is bigger than a while ago. And you feel exciting when you arrive the station and see the station with Mt.Fuji. So almost travelers take pictures. There are wires and telegraph poles around the place. But the place where is no covered things such as wires and poles to Mt.Fuji is somewhere in front of the station. You should look for the shooting location on the street.

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