What spec of the backpack for mountain climbing.

What spec of the backpack for mountain climbing.

Do we need the backpack for mountain climbing?

When you climb a mountain, can  you bring a regular backpack?  We recommend to use a backpack for climbing mountains. The backpacks for the climbing mountains have lots of the functions.

The functions of backpack for climbing mountain. -About fitting-

At Mt.Fuji in summer, its temperature is like winter.  It means so cold in Mt.Fuji and you need prepare a rain wear for protecting from rain and wind. Of course, the lunch box or the drinking water has considerable weight. And you should prepare the mountain gears to emergency situation. In addition, you have to bring “Sleeping Bag”, “The Mat for Tent” and others when you climb the length of the mountain. Or if you would like to stay over night in the tent, you should bring the tent under climbing.  When you climb the mountain, you bring the gears such as the daily commodities.

Thus, the fitting is important when you climb the mountain with heavy baggage. The shoulder belt of backpack for climbing mountain is made the shape that a part hitting the shoulder is hard to hurt. And the west belt is hard to lock the climbing bag on your west. This west belt is important to fix the climbing bag on your body when you climb and the west belt break up the load that being applied on your shoulder.  In addition, it is include the plate of back for  the part  from one of the capacity of back pack is 30L which size is for one-day trip or 1 night 2 days. And it depends on the brand that the back of climbing bag is mesh fabric. If you sweat on your back using the climbing bag, your back will not get stuffy.


The functions of backpack for climbing mountain. -About feeling weight-

On the climbing, of course it is important the baggage to a minimum as much as you can. But if you can lose the feeling weight from the climbing bag, your body will not feel really lose tired. The climbing bag has the function to lose the feeling weight from the mountain back. For Lighten the feeling weight,

  1. The goods inside the mountain bag is fixed.
  2. The heavy gears near the center back of the back and the gears are close to the body.

The mountain bag has shoulder belt, west belt and the belt for tighten the mountain bag.

The functions of backpack for climbing mountain. -About durability-

The root of shoulder belt is more tough than the one of backpack for daily used. And the main part of the mountain bag is made of Nylon. So it cannot easy to broke.

The functions of backpack for climbing mountain. -About packing-

The mountain bag has some pockets, belts and hanging hooks. This is for the situations to need some gears picking up early from the mountain bag. There is the storage parts other the main part of mountain bag such as “rain cover bag” or fastener zipper that are received often using gears like rain jacket. We recommend there is water or rations inside the side pocket of mountain bag. If you need them, you can access them easily and pick up from the mountain bag. Also the west belt of mountain bag has pockets! We recommend you put small goods like coins, pocket tissues and camera in the pockets.


Let’s bring the mountain bag to go to Mt.Fuji!!

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