The wear for climbing Mt.Fuji -Rainy Weather-

The wear for climbing Mt.Fuji -Rainy Weather-

We are talking about importance of rain wear. Climbing Mt.Fuji, you have to walk for long time in the nature. It doesn’t keep the sunny, the weather will be change. It will be windy, rainy and suddenly the temperature to fall. So we need the wear which can be proof against all weathers. Especially the beginner will pay little attention to climb Mt.Fuji. Not only the success or not to climbing Mt.Fuji but also personally life depends on the wears.

The wear for rain to climb  mountains.

Almost people said the mountain weather is easy to change condition. We should prepare the rainy before climbing the mountain. If you stay the mountain hut, you will be over 1 day on Mt.Fuji. So there’s possibility that weather will become a rain on Mt.Fuji.

The rain wear is absolutely necessary.

When we climb to Mt.Fuji, we bring the rain wear on there. Of course, we bring the rain wear for climbing mountain. One of the specialists for climbing said the rain falls from under place on the mountain. It is like joking. But the rain rides on the wind that goes from under to top. The plastic rain poncho doesn’t work under the situation. The rain wear for mountain is possible to tight the belt that the neck of rain jacket, the bottom of rain pants and so on. The rain wear runs the gamut. One of the different points is the material. The expensive rain wear is include “GORE-TEX”. It can release the moisture from inside the rain wear and it is against rain.

Let’s to do measures against the rain inside the back pack for climbing.

The one of other important points that is the gears inside the backpack for climbing in rainy. It is ordinary that the backpack is covered the rain cover in rain. The name is “sack cover”. But it rains from almost directions. So the sack cover cannot enough protect the backpack from rain. The rain go through the backpack from the back of body. One of the against tips that is the plastic bag to set in the backpack. If the climbing gears or the valuables are in the plastic bag, it will not wet those goods in rain. Especially the rain wear and rain pants are in it. Because those gears get wet, you cannot stay for minutes when you wear them to wet under less 10 degrees. When you stay in a mountain hut and you would like to put something out of the baggage, please pay attention the noise from the plastic bag.

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