Cycling around Kawaguchiko – bicycle rental at Kawaguchiko

Cycling around Kawaguchiko – bicycle rental at Kawaguchiko

There are five lakes which is “Fujigoko” around Mt.Fuji.

Our outdoor shop ”Soranoshita Kawaguchiko” is located in the opposite side of Kawaguchiko station,
then many people rent bicycles from us and go whole lake of Kawaguchiko.

I’m telling you the basic information of cycling around Kawaguchiko in this article today!

Please check the detail of our bicycle rental service from the URL below.
LINK: Bicycle rental at Soranoshita Kawaguchiko

The time taken for cycling around Kawaguchiko

A lap of Kawaguchiko is about 20km, then it takes approx 3 hours with some stopping.

It’s very close to Kawaguchiko from our shop, it takes less than 5 minutes by bicycle.

There is a bridge on Kawaguchiko which is the best position of
taking beautiful pictures of Mt.Fuji and Kawaguchiko.

Also, you can avoid the crowded area by car if you cross the bridge.

Unfortunately we don’t have bicycle lane in Kawaguchiko, but it’s comfortable to cycle
because the roads are paved and there are not so much up and down.

The way of enjoying cycling
every season around Kawaguchiko


Spring– You can enjoy Sakura which is cherry blossom in Japanese by the side of Kawaguchiko.  During the spring we get together and have food and drinks while enjoying the freshly bloomed cherry blossoms, and it’s called ”Ohanami” in Japanese.  Also, you can take beautiful pictures of Mt. Fuji and lavender from green 6 and 7 on the map above.

Summer– I recommend you to take a ropeway at green 3, and a sightseeing boat at green 1, of course it’s available in other seasons as well though. It’s very hot in summer, so it’s good idea to have local soft serve ice cream, which taste is such as lavender, kyoho grape, and white peach.

Autumn– We have momiji matsuri, which is maple festival at green 5. There is a momiji corridor there, and the trees are illuminated during the nights. Small shops are opened at momiji matsuri, and sometimes you can watch Japanese monkey show there which is called ”Sarumawashi”.

Winter– You can see most famous Mt. Fuji which is covered with snow. The recommended food in winter is Hoto, which is a traditional hot pot dish
local to Yamanashi prefecture, made with large, thick noodles and lots of vegetables. It’s very cold in winter, so you can make your body warm by having hot Hoto.

Please find more ways of enjoying cycling around Kawaguchiko!

As introduced at the beginning, SORA no SHITA Kawaguchiko has a bicycle rental service, and we are lending regular bikes and electric bikes. Our shop is located just in front of Kawaguchiko station so it is convenient for those who come to Kawaguchiko by bus or train.

Please check the detail of our bicycle rental service from the URL below.
LINK: Bicycle rental at Soranoshita Kawaguchiko

We hope you’ll enjoy cycling around Mt. Fuji!

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