About our original water repellent, Droproof

About our original water repellent, Droproof

How much fee is it for our water repellent coating, Droproof??

We are often asked that how much the fee will be.

First of all, since we post a price list on our website, please refer to that.

The cloths posted there are based on climbing wear basically.

Some people worry about what wear is classified as wear for fishing or motorcycle.

Water repellent coating is invented for climbing, but for example, if it is for fishing, water repellent processing is possible by removing the buoyant body. I think protective pads are also included for motorcycles, but in most cases water repellent processing is possible.
In 2017, currently the price  is divided into three stages, in jacket case, rainwear for 2000 yen, hard shell for 3000 yen, and snow wear for 4000 yen plus tax

How we classify cloths??

We classify wearing, a simple wear structure as rain wear with a thin type of one fabric.It is a thick fabric while it is a single piece fabric, many pockets, zipper has multiple attachments, etc. Wear complicated structure is classified as hard shell.

Wear which are filled with cotton in the fabric and for cold weather are classified as hard shell.

If not wear for climbing…

If it is not climbing hardware, especially in the case of fishing or bike for wear, often there may be in one fabric is a hardware that has a complex structure basically, quote the results as a hard shell It is almost the thing that I let you out (Those that are in the cold weather specification let me quote results as snow wear).

This comes from the time it takes to apply a water repellent coating. We can do very short period of time in the process if the hardware of simple structure, but will continue to the time and effort over a period of treatment so our happy if you can for your understanding in that the structure is complicated.

Also, weak materials may be used in the decorative part etc., or water repellent processing may not be possible to the use of leather material.

Please try water repellent coating by all means.

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