About cleaning before droproof

About cleaning before droproof

What will you need to do before droproof? – About cleaning before droproof –

Is cleaning necessary before you utilize our service, droproof?

We are answering this questions about the droproof.

This inquiry is about to ask for the water repellent processing of the droproof, but is it necessary to go out for cleaning before that? I am answering about you.

Droproof must also be cleaned!

The water repellent coating done by the droproof is developed as reprocessing technology of water repellent. One of the most difficult things in reprocessing technology of water repellent is cleaning of the water repellent treated surface. When water repellent processing is carried out, if dirt is adhering to the treated surface, strong adhesion can not be carries out. Creating a treated surface in an ideal situation is also an important process for water repellent coating. We will also remove sweat and dirt at the same time, so please be assured even in the state before cleaning.

The effect of our cleaning service. – About cleaning before droproof –

Since we do cleaning as much as or more than washing done at the cleaning shop, we can return your cloths in clean condition if the cloths are stained smell smell stained which used for a long time.

However, with respect to spots, there are not only what is occurring on the surface of the fabric, but also stains that have gotten in between the thread and the yarn and inside the dough, etc. Usually when using rain wear etc. to remove the spots etc can not. Since special processes are required to remove spots on waterproof materials such as rainwear, we are offering the service not to stain them at the present time. We appreciate your understanding only on that part.

How much the price of droproof? – About cleaning before doroproof –

The price is cleaning + water repellent processing!

Cleaning + water repellent finishing, rain wear top and bottom is 3500 yen. I think that it will be about 2000 ~ 3000 yen even for outdoor specialist water repellent. In addition, the drop roof is profitable if it thinks that durable water repellent processing will be carried out at a price equal to or less if it thinks that cleaning is issued. If you are in a laundry shop, you can get cleaning + water repellent processing at a cheaper price, but water repellent finishing done at a laundry shop is also basically done to produce initial water repellency. I do not know any shops that are pursuing durable water repellent together with standards for outdoor use. How many shops can you disclose reliable water repellent durability data? Please try the waterproof coating of the drop roof for important wear.

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