Maintenance for our water repellency, droproof

Maintenance  for our water repellency, droproof

We have pursuing for perfect water repellent. – Maintenance for our water repellency, droproof –

We are pleased to hear reaction about the droproof, but we also hope to keep better wear condition longer as well as just after the water repellent coating construction. I’d like to check the ware used by customers and check them care and care for it but it is difficult as a reality, but by cooperating with customers, it is possible to recover a good state of water-repellent coating to a certain extent so we are explaining it here.

1. Maintenance method after mild use

It is important to dry thoroughly after wearing rainwear exposed to a little rain or cold weather. It is not good to leave the wear in the zuck or staff bag. After hanging firmly in a well-ventilated place, it is good to keep it hanger-hung.

2. After exposed to rain well or when a weak part of water repellency arises

When using it in rainy day all day, water will be retained to some extent in the wear. Moreover, water-repellent active layer of the wear surface is disturbed in the worn part and moisture easily enters from the gap, and temporary water repellent weakens. However, even in such a case, the water repellent coating layer will not be taken away. Waterproof coating is made to firmly adhere to the fabric.

First of all, please dry the wear firmly in a well-ventilated place as explained in the previous section. Please dry the cooker laundry in hot air for 20 minutes after firmly drying the wear. By doing so you can restore the surface water repellent effective layer to a reasonable level to some extent.

3, After using it several times and if you are concerned about dirt

Because it is wear, dirt adheres to the lining and surface fabric if you do not wash it. Because dirt is good with water, it will make water repellency worse. It is a good thing to do the laundry at an appropriate timing (although it is not recommended to wash every time it is used with a water repellent coating).

The point to watch out for washing rainwear is to wash with the detergent in half of the usual amount. More detergent than necessary leads to deterioration of water repellency. Rinse is also important. Please rinse 3 times with adequate water volume. Actually, it is necessary to rinse thoroughly to remove the detergent. After that, please dry firmly in a well-ventilated place as explained in 1, please dry with a coin laundry for 20 more minutes after drying as explained in 2.

4, In case that water repellent does not recover by trying any of the above

Water repellent coating is not tightly attached because it is firmly adhered to the fabric, but still water repellent processing is not permanent. It rubs very strongly, it is a part rubbed many times, and gradually peels off by doing washing many times. Therefore, we recommend that you rework the water-repellent coating again if it is used for a certain period of time.

Lifetime of water-repellent coating is determined by frequency of use and maintenance.  If maintenance is done firmly, it will be possible to maintain a state of good water repellency for one season so if you carry out the above maintenance and overhaul (preventive maintenance) after one season, I would be pleased if you could use the droproof again.

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