Fuji Oishi Hanaterrace – Shopping, Cafe, and enjoy views of Mt.Fuji

Fuji Oishi Hanaterrace – Shopping, Cafe, and enjoy views of Mt.Fuji

In Yamanashi Prefecture, “Fuji Oishi Hanaterrace” opened on July 5, 2017 adjacent to the Oishi Park overlooking Mt.Fuji and the lavender fields spread over lake Kawaguchiko.

What is Fuji Oishi Hanaterrace?

Stone paths and white walls stand in woods and flowers at the lakeside.
The “village” values the “time” of seeing Mt.Fuji…

(Love Fuji, love flowers, love the time.)


You can enjoy the view of lavender fields spread the lakeside and Mt. Fuji only from this place.


There are many shops of sweet treats and souvenir made in Yamanashi, and Japanese crafts in the area full of plants and flowers.


How about strolling around the area and visit the stores and facilities?

From Fuji Oishi Hanaterrace website

Cafes in Fuji Oishi Hanaterrace

I will introduce some cafes in Fuji Oishi Hanaterrace!

This map is Quoted from Fuji Oishi Hanaterrace website.

Coffee & pizzeria “BRAND NEW DAY COFFEE”

BRAND NEW DAY COFFEE is a cafe with a wonderful location that overlooks Mount Fuji from the terrace.
In this cafe you can dine while watching Mt.Fuji from the terrace seat, and you can also enjoy a calm atmosphere inside the shop.

They have pizza and french fries, delicious drinks such as caffe latte and frappe.

You can also enjoy freshly baked croissants and sweets.
Terrace seats are also available for pet, so it would be nice to have lunch with your dog!


Location :  Ridge B  2nd Floor

Opening hours :  10:00~18:00(Last Order 17:30)

Regular holiday :  Open 365 days a year (temporarily closed for winter)

Contact :  0555-25-7011

Website :  http://www.brand-new-day.co.jp

Ice-cream cafe “T’s cafe”

T’s cafe is a cute cafe with an elephant mark and the shape of soft serve ice cream.

A rich soft serve ice cream that used raw milk from the foot of Mt.Fuji is recommended.

You can order fruit sauces and powders for soft serve ice cream!
They also have light meals and drinks.

Shop name : T’s cafe

Location : Ridge E, 1st Floor

Opening hours : Summer 10:00~18:00 / Winter 10:30~17:00

Regular holiday : Close: Jan. 1st, 2nd

Contact : 0555-25-7055

Website : http://www.takeda-shokuhin.co.jp/ts_cafe.html

Other cafes

Ridge D  –  Budoya Kofu Hanaterrace Cafe

A cafe where you can enjoy straight juice made from grapes for wine and peaches from Yamanashi Prefecture. They also have raisin sandwiches made from Kofu grapes.

Ridge H  – HanaCafe Kikyou

It is a Japanese style cafe by Kikyouya, famous for Kikyou Shingen-mochi which is a local food of Yamanashi Prefecture. It is a shop of drinks and desserts using sticky black honey and homemade Kinako flour.

Souvenir and miscellaneous goods

Ridge A – Ichi no Kura

Sales of dried fruits, sweet natto beans · chocolate etc.

Ridge B – Kakumaru dou Fuji Ooishi

An accessory shop using natural stones.

Ridge C – Atelier Fujizakura

Sales of original ties and stalls woven in Yamanashi area.

Ridge F – Shirushi

Japanese miscellaneous goods shop such as Yamanashi prefecture crafts “Koshu inden” and Hanko stamp, wallet, bag, stamp case etc.

Ridge G – Medetaya

Sales of Japanese miscellaneous goods and stationeries using Japanese paper.

Walk around Fuji Oishi Hanaterrace

Walk from Hanaterrace to Kawaguchiko, there is a flower wall made of beautiful flowers called “Flower Niagara”. In addition, various flowers bloom every season, and you can shoot a nice shot with Mt.Fuji.

It is enjoyable even if you visit there many times because you can see different scenery every season.

Why don’t you visit Fuji Oishi Hanaterrace?

Hanaterrace is a low-rise building that the entire facility is careful not to spoil the view of Lake Kawaguchiko.

Hanaterrace has a calm atmosphere, the exterior walls are unified to white so that the beauty of flowers and trees stand out, and street is the stone pavement.

There are cafe that you can enjoy ingredents of Yamanashi and souvenir shop of Japanese style goods, and there are lots of attractions of Yamanashi. In Hanaterrace, it is full of playful hearts such as cute ornamental objects, strange objects, five hidden hearts.

There are also decks that can overlook Mt.Fuji and lake Kawaguchiko, so you can enjoy the scenery while having delicious food.

Information of Fuji Oishi Hanaterrace

TEL : 0555-72-9110

Address : 1477-1, Oishi, Fujikawaguchiko town, Minamitsuru gun, Yamanashi, 401-0305

Car park : Free (for about 70 cars) / Bicycle parking area is available

Admission : Free

Access : About 15 min. from Kawaguchiko Station /
About 2 min. from Kawaguchiko Natural Living Center Bus stop

I hope you will enjoy Hanaterrace 🙂

OPEN9:00 - 18:00
SORANOSHITA KAWAGUCHIKO3631-2 Funatsu Fujikawaguchiko Minamitsuru-gun Yamanashi Google Map