The mountain hut of Mt.Fuji -accommodation, meals and toilet-

The mountain hut of Mt.Fuji -accommodation, meals and toilet-

What you can do in the mountain hut of Mt.Fuji

You can use the mountain hut of Mt.Fuji as a rest station only as the accommodations. Of course it is the shop selling meals and water, souvenirs. In addition, it’s charged a fee but you can use the restroom other than the hotel guest. Furthermore, you will grasp distance, the place and the time to the next mountain hut in a map because there are the function as the emergency place of refuge.

The mountain hut of Mt.Fuji as the accommodation

In the case of to stay overnight at Mt.Fuji, you will stay at the mountain hut because you can’t put a tent in Mt.Fuji except for a few. But you should think that it’s like the place taking a nap because it’s just the mountain hut made simply. The sleeping bag is not basically necessary, because you can borrow the brief bedding in the mountain hut of Mt.Fuji. In addition, it is recommended to take earplugs and an eye mask because the mountain hut is always noisy situation by mountain climbing visitors because at both time to enter a mountain hut and time to leave is various. On the contrary, please consider it not to make a sound as a manner as much as possible in the bedroom. You will gather up the baggage before sleeping to leave there immediately without making a rustling sound, and to put the headlight by the pillow as a flashlight. In addition, I think it’s better to prepare the towel wiping your body if you mind because there are no bath.

The mountain hut as the place to take a break

A reservation of the mountain hut of Mt.Fuji is necessary basically in the case of staying, but there are some mountain huts you can use as the place taking a nap without reservation.

The meals of the mountain hut

In the case of hotel guests, dinner and breakfast are attached if it is plan with two meals. Curry rice of dinner is lots of volume. Almost type of breakfast is rice ball or Bento(japanese lunch box), which you can eat that outside. You are able to just purchase meals, drinks and light foods there if you are not a hotel guest. The drinking water for 500 ml of bottles is from several hundred yen to around 500 yen.

The mountain hut of Mt.Fuji and toilet of the shop

The restroom of the mountain hut is available not a hotel guest. But you will prepare small change because it costs a tip of around 100 to 300 yen. Some rest room is available for free only hotel guests. There is the toilet paper basically, but you should take a tissue to be able to divert to water just in case. Please follow the way of the disposal of paper when there are instructions. Because the water for the hand-washing in the restroom is not water service, you cannot drink. So you cannot tooth brushing too, it’s convenient to have a mouthwash for carrying if you mind.

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