Let’s enjoy rainy season in Japan!

Let’s enjoy rainy season in Japan!

From this June, Japan has been in the rainy season. What do you do on the weekend in the rainy season? Maybe almost people spend in their house all day. In my case, I’m exciting in the rainy season! Of course there is humid and hot in the season. But the season just come at once each year. We think that we should be able to do thing each season.

What can we do the rainy season in Japan?

-Walking in rain can become to the adventure!-

Ordinary almost people use their umbrella in rainy. But if you use rain jacket instead of that, you can feel different against the umbrella.

-Let’s enjoy the nature, these creatures and the puddle in the rainy season!-

When you wear rain jacket and rain pants, you don’t think to get wet. We have our original brand for the gears. The name is water repellent that is “droproof”. Would you like to know the detail, please check the blog which name is “Droproof” is our original water repellent..

What facilities can you go in Kawaguchiko-lake in the rainy season?

When you arrive Kawaguchiko in the rainy season, you might think about the tourist spots where we can visit. You need not worry. You can visit and feel fun some facilities around Kawaguchiko-lake.

-Kawaguchiko Monkey Performance Theater-

This theater can 650 persons entering accommodation. Of course the theater is in the inside. So you visit there when it is bad weather, you can see the monkey performance. The performance is aggressive, cute and funny!

-Kawaguchiko Music Forest-

You can see the precious sound of music boxes in Kawaguchiko Music Forest. You can not only look at music boxes, but also you can hear the beautiful sound from each boxes. And the music forest has the European-style garden. So would you like to take a walk there in rainy?

-Kitahara Museum-

“Kitahara Museum” was opened by Teruhisa Kitahara who is one of the tin-sheet toy collectors in Japan. He has collected tin-sheet toys for 40 years. So you can bring back memories your childhood when you visit the museum.

-Kawaguchiko Craft Park-

You can experience of making the craft in “Kawaguchiko Craft Park”. For example making a candle, workshops for Soba making and etc are available in there. But the price depends on the thing which would you like to create.

-Kawaguchiko Herb Museum-

You might be able to get good feeling when you arrive Kawaguchiko Herb Museum. There is many kind of herbs and flowers in the garden of there. Besides this, there is a cafe and a souvenir shop in there.

If it is bad weather that you arrive Kawaguchiko, please come to see our shop. Our shop has lots of rain gears. And our shop is handling rental of rain gear. Let’s wear rain jacket and rain pants, and play in rainy day!!

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