Coleman 2500 North Star LP Gas Lantern 1/2

Coleman 2500 North Star LP Gas Lantern 1/2

December … Although it is still falling on the calendar, but the signs of winter have come! The sunset will disappear instantly when I think the sun is going down. When it becomes dark, “light” is necessary! If it is a camp, the light is necessary even more! Speaking of camping lights are lantern, and it has some types. For example battery type, gasoline type, gas type and etc.

I want to be feel extraordinary in a camp. And I want to use with the light different from electric light! However the type of lantern that burn fuel and light is difficult and scary. We recommend a recommend item for you!

2500 North Star LP Gas Lantern!!

We will write it why we recommend and the different point by ordinary lanterns.

The characteristic of Gas Lantern

【The characteristic of Gas Lantern①】 Practical and emotional brightness

It is said that the brightness of gas lantern is greatly superior to battery type and slightly inferior to gasoline type. However, if it is a large size of gas lantern, it can fully serve as a main lantern! For example, the 2500 North Star LP gas lantern boasts a brightness of about 1543 lm (lumens)! One lumen is the brightness at hand when one candle is placed one meter ahead.

It is said to be 1000 to 1500 lumens with a halogen type of headlight in ordinary car. It means 2500 North Star LP gas lantern is comparable to automobile headlights.

It’s not just a bright one. The bright has warm light. Gas lantern stores gases in cloth-like mantle and lights it by burning and generating heat.

Also, the light accompanied by burning sound is not in the battery operated lantern.

【The characteristic of Gas Lantern②】Easy to use

Gas lanterns have fewer working procedures for fuel preparation up to lighting and can be handled easily. The case of gasoline lantern, you must do pumping that pumps air into the tank after pouring white gasoline or kerosene into the fuel tank.

Otherwise, gas lantern is ready for fuel just by attaching a gas cartridge to the lantern body. And also, it is a very grateful point that maintenance of the gas lantern after use can be done only by daily cleaning such as wiping off soot and oil stains and removing insects!

【The characteristic of Gas Lantern②】Ease of handling and versatility of gas cartridge

Gas lantern uses gas cartridges as fuel. Gasoline lantern uses gasoline or kerosene as fuel. In gasoline lanterns, white gasoline or kerosene is used as fuel. These are highly flammable and dangerous. So please be careful under carrying, using and storing, such as preparing etc.

In addition, if fuel remains in the lantern after use, it is necessary to extract fuel from the lantern. However, the gas cartridge is originally hermetically sealed, it is easier to carry, store and use than gasoline etc, and it is OK just after removing the gas cartridge from the lantern main body even after use.

Handling of fuel is very dangerous if you make a mistake. So it is very appreciated that the difficulty level goes down.

Moreover, if the gas cartridge is of the same manufacturer, it can be used for other outdoor items such as burner and heater. In other words, if you can unify items using gas with the same manufacturer, you can unify the gas cartridges into one sort.

Next we will introduce not only good points but also disadvantages.

The disadvantages of Gas Lantern

【The disadvantages of Gas Lantern①】Susceptible to colds

Gas cartridges containing ordinary liquefied butane gas are weak against cold, and thermal power is not stable in cold climates and winter. However, if you use a gas cartridge containing liquefied propane gas that is strong against cold, the thermal power will be stable even in a cold environment!

【The disadvantages of Gas Lantern②】Burning time is short

Generally gas lantern is said to be shorter burning time than gasoline lantern. Furthermore, gas cartridges used for gas lanterns are more expensive than white gasoline used for gasoline lanterns. So the running costs are higher.

【The disadvantages of Gas Lantern③】The body of gas lantern will be very hot

Because it burns with fuel, the main body gets very hot! ! Be careful not to carelessly touch the lantern when it is used. Please be careful especially if there are small children.

That’s enough for today. Next blog, we will introduce about the method of use the gas lantern.

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