Let’s go to picnic with Chair One by Helinox!

Let’s go to picnic with Chair One by Helinox!

First of all, I would like to introduce about Chair One.

The characteristic of Chair One L

1 Light weight and compact【The characteristic of Chair One L】

You can understand the handy size when you glance it. It does not take storage place compared with conventional outdoor chair.

Also if it is put into the bicycle cage, it will not affect the operation of driving.

2 Easily to take care of it【The characteristic of Chair One L】

The conventional chair can not separate the seat and the frame. And we cannot be boldly washed so it gets quite dirty.

Even if Helinox series is dirty, it is easy to wash and dry, as the frame and the seat are separate parts. For people who like clean, it is very appreciated what you can wash. As all of chair one’s poles are also connected, this is really helpful.

3 It is comfortable to sit in the chair【The characteristic of Chair One L】

This is the most recommended point in this thema. You can feel to be wrapped by it when you sitting in. In the conventional chair, the buttocks sink and the thighs are bit.

4 It is fashionable【The characteristic of Chair One L】

Just arrange the Helinox series, this is what the fashionable camp is all about!

We introduce the color is “BK” in this column. The series has lots of color. It is fun to look for colors and patterns that suit you.

The disadvantage of Chair One

1 It doesn’t have drinkholder and armrest 【The disadvantage of Chair One】

Chair one itself does not have a drink holder, but it has some attachments for this.

2 The leg of chair is slender【The disadvantage of Chair One】

Due to the compact size, those legs are thin. So when it is on the sandy or soft grounds, the chair will be sink. If you do not care, it wobble and you may fall over. So please be careful of intense movements.

3 The height does not match the general outdoor table【The disadvantage of Chair One】

It does not match the general outdoor table (about 70 cm in height). Because chair one is low, it feels a bit painful to use.

Assembling method of Chair One

It takes less than 3 minutes to assemble without looking at the instructions. When you put together Chair One L, you need little bit power.

  1. Put the seat on the backrest side to the frame.
  2. Push the front frame towards the back.
  3. Put the frame in the front seat hole.
  4. Finish by inserting the other side.

The speck of Chair One

  • Name : Chair One L
  • Weight : 1090 g (excluding staff bag)
  • Width : 370 mm × depth 110 mm × height 130 mm
  • Outer dimensions when assembled : Width 580 mm × depth 550 mm × height 720 mm
  • Seat height (seat height from the ground) : 370 mm
  • Load capacity (static load) : 145 kg

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