Coleman 2500 North Star LP Gas Lantern 2/2

Coleman 2500 North Star LP Gas Lantern 2/2

We wrote the different points between gas lantern and the others previous blog.
Today, we wrote about the method of use and the accessories.

The method of use “2500 North Star LP Gas Lantern”.

① Attach a gas cartridg under the below of the lantern


⓶Remove the ventilator nut

And pull straight up the ventilator, glove guard from the gas lantern.


Please be careful not to drop the glove. Because the glove is made of glass.

⓷Attach the mantle to the gas lantern

Prepare the mantle which was suitable for the lantern. The 2500 North Star LP gas lantern uses Coleman’s 95 type mantle.

④Fix the mantle with wire to the gas lantern

Fix the mantle with wire to the concave part of the banner tube and mantle support. Please do not touch the ignition part of the wire. Also please be careful not to make a hole on the mantle.Fixing wires and straps are attached to the mantle.


⑤Baking the mantle

Broil the mantle attached to the lantern from the bottom with a lighter.

Attention: If you touch the mantle with a lighter at this time, to be made holes in the mantle.

The flame arbitrarily spread, and when the fire disappears, the mantle which has become ash remains. The baking is complete.

Note: The mantle after the baking is very fragile. If you touch it or apply a strong shock it, it will break. So please be careful.

Bits of knowledge · The mechanism of Gas lantern shining

The secret that the gas lantern shining is in the baking with this mantle! Basically a mantle is made of cotton material. And almost mantle contain “thorium nitrate” and “cerium nitrate”. This mixture of thorium nitrate and cerium nitrate has the property of oxidizing and turning on white when putting on fire. Gas lanterns shine using this property.

⑥ Attach the ventilator nut after installed the ventilator, the glove guard and the glass glove to the gas lantern.

⑦ Twist the dial of the gas lantern to release the gas, and ignite it by pushing the ignition switch.

When you ignite the gas lantern, please be careful as exploding sounds like “Bon!”.

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The spec of 2500 North Star LP Gas Lantern

  • Size : about Diametre 145 mm x Height 260 mm
  • Weight : about 1.3 kg
  • Brightness : about 1543 lm
  • Burning Time : about 4 to 8 hours

OPEN9:00 - 18:00
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