What gear are most important for camp? – about camping chair –

What gear are most important for camp? – about camping chair –

The Obon vacation went through, and also the climbing season on Mt.Fuji was over in this year. The gate is closed. So if you want to climb Mt.Fuji, you have to contact the 5 th information center.

So what outdoor event is coming? Yes! The answer is Camping season! Of course, you could camp in Summer! But the middle of Summer in Japan is too hot to camp! In case of the most of worse, you got heatstroke. From the end of Summer, the Camping season begins!

But what gears do we need for the camping?

Chairs -It shines as fashionable on camping-

In the camp, the camping chair is one of the most important gears. When will you stay a camp site, if you have camping gears without chairs, you might not relax without chairs. Our image about the camping is how people can be relaxed or not on it. To do around the camping fire, to eat some delicious camping food and etc. All scenes needs chairs. Camping chair has some of types. We’ll show you the types below.

Camping chair with arm rest


This type is the ordinary model of camping chair. Basically this arm rest has cup holder for drinks. The system is very useful. But the inexpensive of this type can be broken the cup holder or the framework than the one of expensive.

Camping chair without arm rest


The size of chair is not so small, but the weight is light. And this type has lots of model. For example when you sit in the chair that is above the picture, your body is like to hold by it.

Camping stool


This is the smallest than others. And it is the most inexpensive than others. You can buy it at a home center by your home. The size is not so big also the folding style. So the stool can be brought easily for trekking.

Relaxers and Loungers

「picture copyright free Camping Relaxers and Loungers」の画像検索結果

If you’d like to experience such as luxury on the camp, you have to bring “Relaxers and Loungers” type. When you sit on it, you might feel such as to sit a Rocking chair or a hammock. The weak point of this type is the heaviest of other type. The weight or the comfortable, which point do you need for thecamping chair at your camping?

How do you feel about a camping chair? Did you have a pariticular favorite type? We recommend you might see them at a outdoor shop. Please see, touch and sit some types of camping chairs and if you feel good one let’s go to camp with it!! The best camping will wait for you!!

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