The time required of Mt.Fuji climbing for beginners?

The time required of Mt.Fuji climbing for beginners?

The beginner for climbing may worry about time required when they climb Mt.Fuji. Mental attitude and the thing setting up are fixed how much the time required is. There is the trail which the time required has a short and is easy to climb for beginners depending on the trail. I summarized the required time and features of the three trails.

The time required of Yoshida trail for Mt.Fuji climbing

The Yoshida trail of Mt.Fuji climbing has good access to the starting point of climbing, and a mountain trail begins in Fuji Subaru line. Because about half of people challenging Mt.Fuji climbing choose Yoshida trail, it may be said that Yoshida trail is a route for beginners (approximately 50% are said to be a beginner among people doing Mt.Fuji climbing). Even a beginner can climb from Yoshida trail because the Yoshida trail is the route that has the most number of shops, relief centers and mountain huts among the four routes. The time required for a beginner who climbs the Yoshida route is 7 hours on average from the 5th to the top. There are 11 mountain huts in climbing. On the other hand, descent can be completed in about 4 hours, but attention is necessary because there are few mountain huts.

The time required of Subashiri trail for Mt.Fuji climbing

Subashiri trail for Mt.Fuji climbing is a route to climb from the east side of Mount Fuji, and a start spot starts from the uphill route from the spot of approximately 2,000 meters above sea level. It is characteristic that you will go through the forest from Komitake shrine near six station. There are mountain huts each every 30 minutes, and the use of the restroom is possible, too. On the other hand, the descending route goes down a different route from climbing. The point of descent is that it is easy to fall because it becomes a gravel road from the seventh station. Also, near the sixth station will be invisible at night, so if you descend near the sixth stop after evening you will need lighting equipment. The time required for beginners is about 7 hours 30 minutes for climbing and about 5 hours for descent.

The time required of Fujinomiya trail for Mt.Fuji climbing

The Fujinomiya Route is a course that climbs from the south side of Mt. Fuji, where the altitude of approximately 2,400 meters becomes the fifth station and starts to climb from that point. Although the distance is short, the road has a steep slope as a whole, and the rocky field increases from around the 6th gear. Also, as climbing and descending are on the same road it is necessary to give way. However, there are mountain huts every 15 to 25 minutes, so if you are careful about steep slopes and rocky places it would be easy for beginners to climb without problems. The climbing course has the shortest required time among the three courses, and it is possible for beginners to climb to the summit in about six hours to six and a half hours. On the other hand, descending course is possible in about 4 hours 30 minutes.

[Extra edition] The time required of Gotemba trail for Mt.Fuji climbing

The Gotemba trail can be said to be the most difficult route in the route of Fuji climbing. Since the altitude of the starting point which is the climbing start is lower than the other routes, you will walk a considerably long distance. Because the altitude is low, you can feel the vegetation of Mt. Fuji which is hard to feel with other routes, so it is also a very valuable route. The distance is overwhelmingly long, and the width of the required time tends to become large. It is 8 to 10 hours by climbing and 5 to 6 hours of descent.

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