Mt.Fuji climbing -Fujinomiya route-

Mt.Fuji climbing -Fujinomiya route-

There are several routes to climb Mt. Fuji, but the route which is popular alongside the Yoshida route is the Fujinomiya Route. Because it is a short distance to the summit even the distance to Kengamine. In addition, we can overlook Suruga Bay on sunny days.

Fujinomiya route -Difficulty of climbing-

The Fujinomiya Route can be said that it is not so high as far as difficulty of climbing Mt. Fuji. It is not just a way to climb at the shortest distance, it is also a low possibility of getting lost. However, as many people come to climb Mt. Fuji inevitably, we must keep in mind the heavy traffic. Furthermore, since the climbing road and the descending road are the same, it is becoming an extra crowded route. And since the road is relatively narrow, you will have to climb or descend while care about the other people. The ground is a bit hard and there are some place where the slope is tight. So when you go down the mountain you have to properly consider the burden on your feet such as your knees. However, it can be said that climbing and descending are relatively easy to do.

Fujinomiya route -Access and Meeting place-

If you go by car to the fifth station of Fujinomiya route, you will pass the Fujisan skyline. Traffic is available from late April to late November. Although it is information of 2015, the regulation of private cars will be done for 63 days from 5pm on July 10th to 5pm on September 10th. In that case, you can use a charged Mizukatsuka parking lot. A mountaineering bus leaves from the station, and the Bullet train leaves from Mishima station, Shin Fuji station, Shizuoka station. For high-speed bus, a direct express bus from Tokyo Yaesu South Exit goes to Fujinomiya Station. Furthermore, there is also a direct express bus from Haneda Airport via Yokohama Station and you can go to Fujinomiya Station.

Fujinomiya route -Mountain hut-

There is a public toilet and a rest house (Omote fuji fifth station rest house) in the new fifth station of Fujinomiya route, so you can prepare for Mt.Fuji climbing there. There is “Unkaisou” with a capacity of 100 people, and there are 100 people “Houeisansou” as well in the new sixth station. It is a shop next to “Unkaisou” and it is also a marker from which a full-fledged mountain path begins. There is “Goraikousansou” in the New seventh station, “Yamaguchisansou” in the original seventh station. There is “Ikedakan” at the eighth station, and there are also emergency stations. There is “Bannenyukiyamasou” on the ninth station and “Cyouzyoufujikan” on the summit. Since there is a homepage for each, it will be safe to collect information before going to Mt.Fuji. Especially on “Chouzyoufujikan” blog, information dissemination during the season is done frequently.

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