The trousers for Mt.Fuji climbing

The trousers for Mt.Fuji climbing

Those who are considering trying to challenge Mt. Fuji must choose carefully about their equipment. If you are not careful, it will also cause trouble. For example, what kind of thing should you choose for climbing trousers, so-called trekking pants?

What is the trousers for climbing(trekking pants)?

Trekking pants is a mountaineering pants made for climbing. It is not a casual wearing trousers but it is a trousers that can endure even on the harsh scenes of climbing. As stretchability is excellent as a feature, even if you scratched it with a little trees or rocks it is hard to break. Even if it gets wet with rain, it dries soon, so it can be said that it is very suitable for climbing. Many pants are devised about the position of the pocket to enhance convenience, and there are also completely waterproof trousers. There are also pants with zippered pockets so that you do not drop things that you put in, so it may be chosen. There are also things that can be divided into two and made into half pants, so please check the variety and choose the type you like.

How to choose the trousers for climbing(trekking pants)

In the case of mountain climbing in summer, summer sunshine is very strong without clouds, so trekking pants are not half pants and it would be better to prepare long pants as much as possible. However, in the case of half pants, worrying about sunshine will disappear when combined with functional leggins. In case of more active movement, the lightness of the half pants is useful. If it is a material like jeans, there are problems with stretchability, it is not suitable for climbing. Moreover, it is hard to dry when it gets wet once, it is one of the reasons that it is also unsuitable for heavy weight. Furthermore, when falling or rubbing with a rock etc., it is easy to get injured if half pants, so you need to be careful. Basically, as a type of trekking pants, hygroscopic and quick-drying materials are used, it is better to choose pants that are excellent in elasticity. Moreover, it is easy to put small items when there are pockets etc.

The maintenance for the trousers for climbing(trekking pants)

Trekking trousers can basically be washed with a washing machine if it is about normal dirt. Of course, in that case, you have to choose a washing method that matches the material. You should do the washing and dry it like normal clothes. In the case of Gore-Tex products, it is a special material, so you need to be a little careful. First of all, it is better to close it if there is a chuck. Because there is a possibility that it will be scratched during laundry if you keep it open. Regarding rinsing, it would be better to be firmer than when washing normally. This is because if the detergent remains, the water repellency and moisture permeability of Gore-Tex may be weakened somewhat. When dehydrating even stronger, damage may remain not only on the surface fabric of Gore-Tex but also on the Gore-Tex material, so it is necessary to be careful.

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