Mountain retreat “Kikuya” in Subashiri trail for Mt.Fuji climbing

Mountain retreat “Kikuya” in Subashiri trail for Mt.Fuji climbing

“Kikuya” at Fifth station of Subashiri trail

There are two mountain retreat and shop in fifth station of  “Subashiri trail”, and one of these is “Kikuya” which you can receive and return rental items that you did in “Soranoshita”. Kikuya’s Mushroom Soba and Mushroom Udon are exquisite! Every time I go to the fifth station, I always get it. The rice is also attached, it is plentiful in volume. It seems that there are more than 8 kinds of mushrooms, and mushrooms come out after a while! Tempura of seasonal vegetables is handmade by the mother of Kikuya and it is very delicious. Before climbing, I think that it is good to start by eating in order to store power. If you go up, you may not be able to eat a whole stomach.

Kikuya that can be used as a base to climb Mt. Fuji

Although almost people stay overnight in a mountain hut after climbing Mt. Fuji well, I’d recommend staying at the Kikuya of the fifth station and sleeping asleep, climbing with full strength. It can be relaxed holiday in a large space, and because it adapts high altitude when you stay overnight in the fifth station, there is also the effect that it becomes hard to become an altitude sickness. You can receive Soranoshita’s rental supplies on the spot, so you can prepare your baggage with plenty of time. Please do try making inquiries and reservations from the form of Kikuya’s homepage by all means.

How to go fifth station of Subashiri trail

From July 10th to September 10th, there is a period where you can not go by your own car until fifth station of Subashiri trail. During the regulatory period, you can go from the Subashiri Multipurpose Plaza at the entrance of the Fuji Azami Line by Shuttle Bus or taxi to the fifth station of Subashiri Trail.

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