The backpack for Mt.Fuji climbing

The backpack for Mt.Fuji climbing

Is the backpack for Mt.Fuji climbing necessary?

I think that the person who does not usually climb a mountain have the day pack for town errands. Is it not good to use the backpack for town use when you climb Mt.Fuji? Judging from a conclusion, I recommend the use of the backpack for mountain climbing at the time of the mountain climbing. The backpack for mountain climbing have various functions as well as an appearance.

The mechanism of the backpack for Mt.Fuji climbing is “Fit”

The bringing of the thermal is necessary for the mountain climbing depending on a mountain to climb in even summer to cope with ordinary temperature in winter, and the rainwear to prevent wind and rain is essential. Of course a lunch or the water is heavy, and must make emergency preparations. If you stay at the hut or tent, you need to carry the sleeping bag, mat and tent on your shoulder. In short, you carry one set of life article you need on your shoulder and climb it. That is why it “is a feeling of fitting” to be important when you carries heavy baggage on your shoulder, and you climb it. The shoulder belt of the backpack for mountain climbing is made of the shapes that it is hard to come to have a pain in the part equal to the shoulder and you will not be taken a burden. In addition, the waist belt is the shape that you did well so that it is stabilized solidly. This waist belt is very important and baggage is stable and disperses to a waist at the load of the shoulder on foot. In addition, as for many backpack of around 30 liters that is most suitable for one-day … overnight around 2nd, a backrest is in the part equal to the back. Therefore backpack in itself does not form a circle even if you put much goods and is made to fit the whole back. In addition, the part of the back is made by the mesh depending on a maker and a back is hard to get sweaty even if you sweat. At our shop “Soranoshita” have the climbing backpack made by the outdoor brand “Gregory” so on, and its back is mesh.
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The mechanism of the backpack for Mt.Fuji climbing is “Lighten bodily sensation weight

It is important that you narrow down baggage itself and lighten it, but, in the case of Mt.Fuji climbing, can reduce fatigue by reducing bodily sensation weight. As for the backpack for mountain climbing, a laborer to reduce bodily sensation weight is concentrated. To lighten bodily sensation weight,
・You fix It well so that baggage does not shake
・You pack it so that a heavy thing becomes near to the central part of the back and a body
is important. The backpack for mountain climbing have the stable shoulder belt, the waist belt and the belt for tighten the load, so the baggage do not shake and have the mechanism which to be near the center of the body.

The mechanism of the backpack for Mt.Fuji climbing is “Hard to be broken”

In fact, I have used the day pack when I climb the mountain in the past. Then, at the time of a descent from a mountain, the root of the shoulder belt has come off. When it comes to this, it is already serious! Though physical strength always came to the limit, I held it and had to go down. When I came home and might take out baggage and looked, in fact, other than the belt part, it seemed to hit sharp rocks, and two holes wore it. The root of the belt of the backpack for mountain climbing is made soundly, and the body made by the stable nylon. Therefore there are few troubles that a backpack is broken.

The mechanism of the backpack for Mt.Fuji climbing is “Storage”

The backpack for mountain climbing have pockets and belt and hook hung things in many place. This is because this divides it to be able to take things to be necessary in the various situation during mountain climbing immediately, and it receives it. The backpack which have the zipper in the back or the cover part other than part of storage for main is convenience for using to put the often used goods or the rainwear when it rainy suddenly and change the weather. If you put the rain goods in the main storage, you are looking for that while it’s rainy. You can take it out when you put water or engineered foods in a side pocket even if you do not take down a rucksack. You put the thing to use frequently like an accessory for camera, small change and a tissue in the type with the pocket in a waist belt. In the case of mountain climbing including the staying, the back pack of two-rooms type is convenient. You can take it to be able to take it out in front of a rucksack when you put a Schlafsack (sleeping bag) and mat in the second room part in the bottom even if you do not upset baggage. In addition, there is the effect to lighten bodily sensation weight because the two-type backpack does not fall into the bottom of the rucksack if you put a heavy thing in an upper storing part.

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