Mt.Fuji climbing -Subashiri route-

Mt.Fuji climbing -Subashiri route-

Since there are multiple routes of Mt.Fuji climbing, you have to choose according to your purpose and physical fitness. Among them, if you want to climb on a route with a short distance to the top, you should choose the second shortest Subashiri route.

The difficulty of Mt.Fuji climbing -Subashiri route-

The Subashiri route is a route with a relatively low difficulty. Because the forest zone spreads to high altitude, while being climbing, it is less prone to be bothered by the sun’s light. You can enjoy sunrise and the shadows of Mt. Fuji if you leave the forest zone. However, when climbing at night, there is a danger that the you will get lost in the forest zone due to poor visibility, so you need to be careful. Also, since it will join the Yoshida route beyond the eighth station, it will be very crowded during the season. In addition, as you go down the mountain, you can get off early as it passes through the road on which sand is laid. However, because many pebbles will enter the shoes, it is troublesome to take out the pebbles by taking off the shoes. It might be better to take measures beforehand.

The access and meeting place -Subashiri route-

I will explain access to the fifth station of the Subashiri route. If you have a car, you can reach by using the Fujiazami line via National Highway No. 138 from the Subashiri IC on the highway Higashifujigoko road or Toumeijidousyadou Gotenba IC. However, there is a regulation period for private cars, so you will need to check the period in advance. If you go by car during the period when private cars are regulated, there is a multipurpose plaza temporary parking lot at “the station of road Subashiri” so you can park there and take a shuttle bus or a taxi to the fifth station of Subashiri route. Regarding trains and buses, climbing buses are running from Gotemba Station on the JR Gotenba Line. There are multiple access methods like this, so let’s choose things that match your environment.

The mountain hut -Subashiri route-

There are also several mountain huts on the Subashiri route and it is a place for climbers to relax. There is a ryokan in the fifth station of Subashiri route, and the photograph of the time when the Crown Prince climbed Mt. Fuji is decorated. The owner of Higashi Fuji Sanso is rich in knowledge about mushrooms, meals are also conspicuous in mushroom dishes, especially mushroom tea is known as a specialty. There is also a shop named Yoshinoya, and it is now possible to stay over from 2014. There is Nagatasansou in the new sixth station and you can reach from the new fifth station in about an hour to an hour and a half. It is said that it is alias Syakunagesou. In the sixth station there is a mountain hut called Setokan near the Embrya Shrine, which is characterized by the toilet becoming Composting toilet. Seventh station has Taiyoukan, Miharashikan which has many successes of climbing mountaineering with children, and eighth station has Edoya who stayed at the Crown prince, Munatsukiedoya etc. On the summit there are mountain huts such as Yamaguchiya, Ougiya, Tokyoya, etc. It is characterized by abundant mountain huts as compared with other routes.

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