How to enjoy Mt.Fuji climbing -Winter to Spring, Star Watching! –

How to enjoy Mt.Fuji climbing -Winter to Spring, Star Watching! –

Mt.Fuji at the stars falling night

Fuji is ideal for star watching.
Clear air, dark, dark sky.
For example, if you can climb SUBARU line fortunately until the fifth station of Yoshida entrance,
It is a sacred place where the stars fall.
Clear air and dark skies are promised.

However, midwinter is not good!
As well as the coldness of minus 10 degrees or less, the Subaru line is almost closed for freezing.
Even if you make a mistake, please do not think to climb up to the fifth station on foot from Asama Shrine in north entrance.

Instead of saying that,
It is recommended that you climb Mt.Fuji with your eyes at the stars falling.                             These are the best time to see.

☆ “Cancer Preceape M44” in February
☆ “Spring triangle” in March
☆ “Lyrids meteor shower” in April

The recommended place is below.

No.1 “Kawaguchiko Comprehensive Park Lawn open space”   Convenience store is also near!
No.2 “Yamanakako Panoramic stand”   From sunset, dramatically change to one side of the starry sky!
No.3 “Nenba beach at the west end of the Saiko”   This is the best compatibility with Mt.Fuji!

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