The gear(equipment) for Mt.Fuji climbing

The gear(equipment) for Mt.Fuji climbing

Mt.Fuji which is highest altitudes in Japan is the popular mountain which many people visit from the whole country when it is summer every year. It is such popular Fuji mountain climbing, but the distance is not so simple. Therefore I introduce necessary clothes and equipment information to enjoy Mt.Fuji climbing more safely.

The clothes for Mt.Fuji climbing

Although the season of Mt.Fuji climbing is summer, the thermal is necessary. Temperature may be near zero degree in Mt.Fuji of high altitudes even midsummer. Therefore the short sleeves are never suitable. It is important to wear the warm clothes because it’s cold even near the fifth stage. But a body may become warm while you climb it. It is important to prepare to change clothes like the rain wear or the windbreaker which material not let it catch window to prevent cold by winds in especially high altitude. In addition, for cold measures, it is convenient when you prepare another clothing in your bag. Because the temperature control is an important point to let Mt.Fuji climbing succeed, you will set up the clothes well beforehand.

The gear(equipment) for Mt.Fuji climbing

In the case of Mt.Fuji climbing, a backpack and the mountain climbing shoes are required equipment. The mountain trail of Mt.Fuji has the considerably steep way. Because there are many ways climbing more walking, the proper mountain climbing shoes are necessary by all means. In addition, the Mt.Fuji climbing will be difficult when both hands are not uncrowded backpack. Because there is the distance that you cannot climb when you do not use a hand and the foot, the backpack must prepare by all means. Furthermore, it is necessary to prepare the rain wear. It is often said that the weather of the mountain should be variable, but it often rains in the Mt.Fuji climbing halfway. Because temperature is robbed of it rapidly when you get wet in the rain, you will prepare for the rain wear for a what-if by all means. In addition, it make an outstanding performance as a thermal because the rain wear does not let it catch winds.

The helpful gear(equipment) for Mt.Fuji climbing

A trekking pole is convenient gear for the Mt.Fuji climbing. A trekking pole is a stick to use for mountain climbing. It is sometime called “stock”. You can reduce a burden for legs or hip if you climb with a stick. Because leg gets tired in the up, when you to descend you cannot absorb shock by fatigue, and then to hurt your legs or hip. Therefore the trekking pole reducing the burden of legs or hip is a considerably useful equipment. As for the person to always have the pains of knees of course, it’s also good for the person who is not so. So I recommend to use the trekking pole for Mt.Fuji climbing.

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