How to go to Mt.Fuji climbing by train

How to go to Mt.Fuji climbing by train

Mt.Fuji climbing by train [Yoshida trail]

If you go by train to the Mt.Fuji climbing with Yoshida trail, get off at Kawaguchiko Station or Fujisan station of Fuji Express and get on the bus bound for Yoshida trail fifth station from each station. For the period from July 1 to August 31, the first bus from Kawaguchiko station is at 6:40am and the last bus is at 8:10pm. The first bus from Mt. Fuji station is at 7:10am and the last bus is at 7:05pm. During that period, it operates at a pace of about one hour (* both together with the timetable of 2015 season).  However, there are holidays and changes depending on the date and time of the week, so please be sure to check on the homepage of the Fujikyu Yamanashi bus before going out, or call 0555 – 72 – 6877. The shop “Soranoshita” is right in front of Kawaguchiko station. You come to Kawaguchiko station by train and can receive and return climbing equipment at the Kawaguchiko station front shop where you went, so you can change to packing and change clothes, you will be able to get on the bus for the fifth station visit!

Mt.Fuji climbing by train [Fujinomiya trail]

When you go for Mt.Fuji climbing by a train with Fujinomiya trail, buses to fifth station of the Fujinomiya trail leaves from Shin-Fuji Station or Mishima Station of the Tokaido Shinkansen, Fuji Station of the Tokaido Main Line, Fujinomiya Station of the Minobu Line. From Mishima station, 4 to 5 flights a day will be served from around July 10 to around September 10, and the busy season until around August 23 will be added an additional flight. (*By the timetable of 2015 season) From July 11 to August 31, 7 to 8 flights a day from Shin Fuji station, 3 flights from Fuji station and around 10 flights from Fujinomiya station, but in September it will be about half . For detailed information on the operation of the 2018 season, please contact Fujikyu Shizuoka bus 0545-71-2495 for Shinfuji station, Fuji station and Fujinomiya station user, or Fujikyu city bus 055-921-5367 for Mishima station user. “Soranoshita” is scheduled to open a store in the fifth station of Fujinomiya trail at 2018 season so even those who come by train to the fifth station with minimal baggage, the Fuji climbing equipment can be received and returned, so it’s very convenient!

Mt.Fuji climbing by train [Subashiri trail]

To take a train to Subashiri trail for Mt.Fuji climbing, you will use the bus for fifth station of Subashiri trail from JR Gotemba station or Shinmatsuda station of Odakyu Odawaraline. The bus departing from Gotemba has 7 flights daily from July 10 to September 10. Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from July 11 to September 6, and August 13 to 15 are added to it 4 flights more. Flights from Shin Matsuda station are around 2 flights to at most 6 flights per day depending on the date and time of the week, so please check after carefully checking according to the plan. In the 2018 season as well, “Soranoshita” is planning to receive and return Mt. Fuji climbing equipment at the mountain villa Kikuya of fifth station at Subashiri tail. Of course, you can dine, change clothes and stay, so it’s okay if you come by train with ease!
The Kuro route is a route where you can enjoy the feeling of climbing a mountain!

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