Appropriate energy intake method of Mt.Fuji climbing

Appropriate energy intake method of Mt.Fuji climbing

Mt.Fuji climbing is not difficult at all. However, it is not just easy. Although a mountain climbing route is maintained, Mt.Fuji is the Japan’s highest mountain. Needless to say that the perfect preparations are necessary, but it is necessary to take in food and drink by an appropriate interval and method to not running out of gas and not to retire while you climb it.

Calorie consumption for Mt.Fuji climbing

It is said that the calorie consumption of Mt.Fuji climbing is approximately 4,000 Kcal. You may not readily get a hint only with this number, but you can know it whether it brings a body how intense consumption to climb Mount Fuji in comparison with being said that calorie consumption when you have finished running full marathon of 42.195 kilometers is 2,300 Kcal. However, Mt. Fuji is not a mountain such as Japan Alps and Mount Everest where it is difficult to climb it. Of course there is individual difference, but Mount Fuji is the mountain which you can climb from a child of around 8 years old. Many people climb Mt.Fuji to watch the sunrise from the top of Mt.Fuji in the New Year. Approximately 200,000 or more of every year aim at the Mt.Fuji mountaintop, and there are the data that “three of four people really arrive at the top”.

Frequent energy supply is necessary in Mt.Fuji climbing

Because an extraordinary calorie is consumed in the case of Mt.Fuji climbing, you need to supply the calorie frequently and it is indispensable to compensate the amount of your calorie consumption. Otherwise it becomes out of gas and feels considerably hard in the middle of mountain climbing and can be to give up the climbing when it is the worst. What kind of food should you take in the middle of the mountain climbing? In the middle of the mountain climbing, you are too much tired, and the appetite is apt to fade away, too. It is apt to become troublesome even to take food out of the backpack. It is necessary to prepare with foods which you can eat it immediately, the digestion is good, is easy to turn into energy and is easy to get up of the mind to eat. Let’s take your favorite foods from a rice ball, chocolate, jelly drink, nuts or dried fruit. You have a meal well approximately one hour before the mountain climbing start, and eat by small quantity with climbing to prevent you from running out of gas.

How to hydration of Mt.Fuji climbing

In the case of the Mt.Fuji climbing, not only you consume food frequently and supply calories burned, but also it is necessary to consume the water frequently. The mountain climbing is intense exercise. You sweat a lot. The body may feel thirst even if you do not feel a drought. If blood becomes muddy without enough internal water, the rate having mountain sickness becomes higher. Frequent hydration is indispensable. The point of the hydration is simply that “do not drink a lot at once” and “drinking frequently”. You put a burden on the stomach and intestines, you want to go to toilet immediately and your body become cold because you can not absorb it when you drink a lot at once. It is ideal to repeat that “drinking water a sip or two sips every ten minutes”. In addition, it is important what you drink. Sports drinks and drinking water do not have any problem, but, not to mention coffee and tea, you should avoid the green tea. Because These contain caffeine with the diuretic effect and the water more than which you consumed is drained from your body. Of course you must never take the alcohols.

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