“Ohashimeguri” and “Kengamine” on Mt.Fuji

“Ohashimeguri” and “Kengamine” on Mt.Fuji

How to reach on the real top place (3776m) of Japan?

Everyone well know the top of mountain that is Mt.Fuji in Japan. They say Kusushi Shrine (the route of Yoshida, Subashiri) and Asama-rear-shrine is the top place of Mt.Fuji in basic climbing Mt.Fuji. However those places are not reach altitude at 3776m. If you’d like to stand on there, you have to move around the crater of Mt.Fuji or you have to go to “Kengamine” that the top of Mt.Fuji is called after you reached top on Mt.Fuji.

What is “Ohachimeguri” on Mt.Fuji?

“Ohachi Meguri” means that moving around the crater on the top of Mt.Fuji. If you do “Ohachi Meguri”, you go through “Kengamine”(3776m) in the course. You see powerful crater and the prospect superb.  This is the best attractive event of climbing Mt.Fuji! So you can feel satisfactions reached the top when you see that. It takes about half and an hour from you arrived the crater of the top of Mt.Fuji.

But this “Ohachi Meguri”, you have to walk in the less oxygen. When you don’t have enough time for it, you might not as well do that. When the bad weather, you have to pay attention. Strong rain, wind and cold enervate from you rapidly, and it’s risky.
If you set “Ohachi Meguri” into a climbing plan, you need enough physical strength and enough time.

Going down on Mt.Fuji is more tough and strict situation than almost people think. When you feel tired, even if you have plan include “Ohachi Meguri”, you should to cancel the plan.

if you form a plan include “Ohachi Meguri”, at least you need to stay over one night the mountain hut and the plan have to be included enough physical strength and enough time.

Which direction is better, Clockwise or Anti-clockwise?

You can select direction, clockwise or anti-clockwise. We recommend “Clockwise” to you. Why is “Clockwise” direction is better than the other? There is the answer that the difficult pass directly under “Kengamine”. The pass is named “Umanose”. If you select climbing it or going down it, the challenge level is different. The area has steep gradient and there is covered sand on the bedrock. So it’s slippery there.  On the truth, not a few climbers have slipped and injured. Going down a mountain is more difficult than climbing a mountain. Mt.Fuji is no exception. If you don’t have enough time to move around crater and you have to go and return, you need to put on your gloves. If you slipped on there, your hands aren’t cut by stones.

The way to take easy to the highest place of Mt.Fuji.

You can go to “Kengamine” without moving around the crater of Mt.Fuji. But there is on the other side from Yoshida route and Subashiri route. So when you climb Mt.Fuji from Yoshida route or Subashiri route, you have to take same time and physical strength to move around crater so as to reach “Kengamine”. If you saved to take time and kept physical strength to go to “Kengamine”, we recommend you might to climb Mt.Fuji from
Fujinomiya route. When you climb Mt.Fuji from the route, you arrive the goal near “Kengamine”. Basically, it takes about 20 minutes from the goal to “Kengamine”.

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