How to choose the Backpack for Mt.Fuji climbing

How to choose the Backpack for Mt.Fuji climbing

What is the size of the Backpack for Mt.Fuji climbing?

Staying 1night at the mountain hut for Mt.Fuji climbing is most popular. In that case, the backpack those size is around 30L is the best useful.

Is it necessary the backpack of climbing for Mt.Fuji climbing?

I think that even many people who don’t climbing usually have the backpack for town using. Is this not good to climb Mt.Fuji with the town using backpack or rucksack like that? From the conclusion, I recommend the backpack for climbing at the time of Mt.Fuji climbing. The backpack is took into various function not only looks.

Fit of the backpack is important for Mt.Fuji climbing

It is necessary to bring the warm wear even summer to correspond the temperature like winter. Also, the rain wear is required to prevent rain breeze. Of course, the water is much heavy and you have to prepare for emergency. When you climb Mt.Fuji while carrying the backpack, the important thing is “Fit” of the backpack. The shoulder belt of the backpack for climbing those part hitting shoulder is made of shape to be hard to hurt, and it is less burdensome. Also, west belt is made of firmly shape to tightly stabilize. This west belt is really important, the goods inside are stabilize while walking and the burden of shoulder disperse on the waist. In addition, the type that the back plate is contained in the back part is made to fit the entire back, not being rounded by backpack itself even if we put a lot of luggage. Depending on the manufacturer, there is a thing where the back hit part is a mesh and the back is hard to steak.

It is important to lighten the feeling weight of luggage for Mt.Fuji climbing

In climbing, it is important to narrow down the luggage itself and make it lighter, by reducing the weight perceived, fatigue can be reduced considerably. The backpack for mountaineering is equipped with a belt that tightens the luggage itself to the body in order to reduce the weight of experience, so that the baggage does not shake, it can be adjusted to be close to the center of the body.

Ease of removal of luggage and storage

Manufacturer’s mountaineering backpack is functionally arranged with pockets and belts and hooks that can be put on objects. If you properly use functions and store what you need separately so that they can be taken out quickly, you often do not have to lower the backpack every time. The backpack with the chuck on the lid part and back is convenient to put in things you often use and rain wear used when rain falls or temperature changes. In the side pocket, if you put in water or energy food etc, you can remove it without lowering the backpack. For types with pockets on the waist belt, let’s put something frequently used, such as coins for toilets and tissues, accessories for cameras.

Soranoshita’s backpack is only first class climbing equipment manufacturer!

At Soranoshita, we only rent a maker’s backpack, which is said to be the premier in climbing equipment. Even though it looks cool, you can not go to Mt. Fuji with confidence in the backpack of an untrustworthy brand, and it is not cool! If you rent a Soranoshita backpack, even if you rent a Mt. Fuji climbing set, even if you rent a single item backpack, it’s only a first-class backpack that you can brag about where you climb!

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