“Ohachimeguri” and “Kengamine” of Mt.Fuji

“Ohachimeguri” and “Kengamine” of Mt.Fuji

Getting to true summit level of Japan 3,776m

Mt.Fuji is proud of summit level 3,776m of Japan as everybody know well. But, in fact, Kusushi shrine (Yoshida trail, Subashiri trail) and Sengen taisya okumiya (Fujinomiya trail, Gotemba trail) assumed the summit of Mt.Fuji by general Mt.Fuji climbing do not reach 3,776m. In fact, it is necessary to do “Ohachimeguri” after arriving at the crater of the Mt.Fuji top or to go to the summit level of Mt.Fuji called “Kengamine”, to stand at summit level of Japan 3,776m.

What is “Ohachimeguri” of Mt.Fuji?

“Ohachimeguri” means that you go around the crater in the top of Mt.Fuji. Because you go along “Kengamine” which is Mt.Fuji summit level in the middle of a course when you do “Ohachimeguri”, you can stand to 3,776m. It is a very attractive event in Mt.Fuji climbing to be able to taste a view from the crater and the top of the great force dynamically. You can fully taste the feeling of satisfaction that arrived at the top of Mt.Fuji. In the time required of “Ohachimeguri” after you arrive at the crater of the Mt.Fuji top, it take generally approximately around one hour 30 minutes. But it is not possible if time and physical strength cannot afford because “Ohachimeguri” means that walking on the top of Mt.Fuji where the air is thin. In addition, attention is necessary when weather is in confusion. Strong rain and wind, cold take physical strength rapidly, and danger is accompanied. Some physical strength and time clearance are necessary if you schedule “Ohachimeguri”. The descent from Mt.Fuji is physically severe than most think surely. It is better to cancel it when you get tired even if you plan “Ohachimeguri”. When you schedule “Ohachimeguri”, let’s make a plan of Mt.Fuji climbing that staying at least one night or more, and with a margin in physical strength and time.

The easy way to go “Kengamine” which is the highest point of Mt.Fuji

You can go to “Kengamine” even if you don’t go around the crater by “Ohachimeguri”. But in the case of climbing Mt.Fuji from Yoshida trail, Subashiri trail, “Kengamine” is almost opposite the crater. Therefore, if you climb Mt.Fuji from Yoshida trail or Subashiri trail, almost same time and physical strength with “Ohachimeguri” is necessary to get “Kengamine”. It is recommended to climb Mt.Fuji from Fujinomiya trail if you want to climb “Kengamine” with saving time and keeping physical strength. Because you arrive near to “Kengamine” of the crater when you begin to climb Mt.Fuji by Fujinomiya trail, you can generally arrive at “Kengamine” of the summit level in approximately 20 minutes.

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