Mt.Fuji climbing -Gotenba route-

Mt.Fuji climbing -Gotenba route-

There are four routes to climb Mt. Fuji, and how to enjoy depends on where you climb from. The Gotenba route departs from Gotenba entrance new fifth station, aiming at the mountaintop by climbing the southeastern side of Mt. Fuji in Gotenba city on the Shizuoka prefecture side. Although it is a mountaineering course for advanced people from the distance and time it takes, it can be said that it is a course that you can enjoy the nature of Mt. Fuji on the other hand.

The difficulty of Mt.Fuji climbing -Gotenba route-

The difficulty level of climbing the Gotenba route is a route which the experienced mountaineering person feels a bit tight. Since the starting point is a place where the altitude is relatively low, the climbing time will inevitably take longer than other routes. Even men with physical fit will take up to five hours, so it is necessary to consider that it takes about seven hours for elderly people and women. Since there is no mountain hut, you need to prepare the water yourself. We have to arrange thorough equipment, so we need to think about the weight of the package. Therefore, the number of mountaineers is fewer than other routes, so there is a merit that there is no traffic jam. Regarding Gotemba route, it would be better for people accustomed to climbing to challenge.

The access and meeting place -Gotenba route-

There is a climbing bus as a means of accessing the Gotemba route. A climbing bus leaves from JR Gotenba Line on the Gotemba station. Besides there are other climbing buses to JR gotenba station, there is also a bus that goes to the fifth station of Fujinomiya route via Mizugatuka park. In a private car you can go to the new fifth station of Gotenba route and you can also go by Fuji skyline from gotenba city, Fujinomiya, Susono direction. There is a large parking lot where you can park 500 cars in the new fifth station of Gotenba route, so you can make it a meeting place. Since Gotenba entrance is not regulated by private cars, it is possible to go by private car until climbing entrance even during the summer season.

The mountain hut -Gotenba route-

There is a shop that is open only during mountaineering season at new fifth station of Gotenba route, but they do not sell equipment necessary for mountain climbing Mt. Fuji. So, people who climb from this route need to prepare themselves in advance. There is no rest area or changeable space, so you will need to understand that part and challenge. There are Akaishihachigoukan, Subashirikan, Warazikan, Hinodekan, Ooishizyaya as mountain huts of the Gotenba route. Dinner for Akaiwahachigoukan’s curry rice is free to change, you can see sunrise from the bedroom of Sunabashirikan. Warazikan also has a reputation for the beauty of sunrise. You can see the Rainbow Bridge when the weather is good at the Oishizyaya in the New Fifth station. Each mountain hut is packed with charm.

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