People who are not confident in physical fitness must see! What is the point to devise by Mt. Fuji climbing?

People who are not confident in physical fitness must see! What is the point to devise by Mt. Fuji climbing?

Mt.Fuji is a mountain representative of Japan. Even if you do not like mountain climbing, you probably want to climb Mt. Fuji at least once. For people who say, “I’m not very confident in my strength, but I want to stand on top of the mountain of Mt. Fuji!” I will inform you of ingenuity to accomplish Mt. Fuji climb.

The point of how to climb Mt.Fuji and the pace of climbing

For climbing, it is important not to push yourself too much. You need to know your own pace and try not to break it. The same is true for Mt.Fuji climbing, it is important how you can grasp the pace and protect it. Pace making at Mt.Fuji climbing is conscious of being a long-term battle. Once you start using up your strength, you will not have physical strength to the end. The point at this time is “the pace at which you can talk”. For example, if you run at full power at a distance of 100 m, it is hard enough to breathe out, but it is not hard if you just walk 100 m. In addition, as a way to climb Mt. Fuji, it is important to reduce the stride so that your legs are not taken by the steep mountain. As the altitude increases, the feet gradually become rough. If walking with a big stride, you may break the balance and fall over. Furthermore, taking a break frequently, climbing steadily while resting the body is the point you should keep in mind at Mt. Fuji climbing.

Make luggage as light as possible when climbing

I do not know what will happen in climbing. Therefore, in case of emergency, let’s choose fulfilling equipment. Luggage while climbing must be carried by yourself. From this, carefully pick up the baggage for climbing to the minimum necessary, it is important to try to lighten the burden as much as possible. Fuji climbing is followed by a steep mountain road. If you hold a heavy baggage, your physical fitness will be exhausted. Especially for people who are not very confident in physical strength, it is important to reduce luggage as much as possible and climb with light equipment. A veteran climber knows exactly what is necessary at Mt. Fuji climbing and is trying not to have as much unnecessary as possible. Beginners often have too much clothes. Even though you change sweaty underwear, you do not change all the clothes. It is better to change the spare clothes only to those that directly touch the skin.

Do not forget to supply physical fitness while climbing

To achieve Mt.Fuji climbing, management of physical fitness is important. It is necessary to preserve the energy to climb the mountain as much as possible. We need ingenuity to properly replenish energy against consumption of physical strength during climbing. It is better to bring anything that can supply water and calories during climbing. Especially good ones are “sweet things” and “carbohydrates”. Sweet things will change quickly to energy, so you will feel like you became healthy. Carbohydrates turn into energy gradually. Carbohydrates are especially important for the physical strength of the latter half of mountain climbing. Do not bring either one, please bring sweet and carbohydrate well in balance.

After all it is important to create physical fitness

It is pretty hard for people who are not exercising to suddenly challenge Mt. Fuji climbing. I climbed Mt. Fuji with a lot of people, but there is a big difference between those who are making physical fitness and those who are not. Let’s make physical fitness to make Mt. Fuji climb a success. Let’s start by using the stairs without using the escalator. It’s better to start with these little things. Before climbing Mt. Fuji, you should climb about 2 low mountains to get used to it. Mt.Takao and Mt.Tanzawa etc. in the Kanto region. If you are in the Kansai area such as Mt.Kongo and Mt.Rokko. First let’s get used to walking for a long time!

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