Regarding Fuji climbing out of the season (Including Fuji climbing during the winter season)

Regarding Fuji climbing out of the season (Including Fuji climbing during the winter season)

There is a summer mountain period in Mt. Fuji, which corresponds to the beginning of July to the beginning of September. Let’s confirm the concrete schedule changes every year. I will explain step by step such as “Why is this summer mountain period decided?” “What is different between the season and outside the season?”“What is the situation like Mt. Fuji outside the season?”.

Why does Mt.Fuji have a mountaineering season?

A lot of people climb Mt. Fuji every year. Therefore, some people are good at mountain climbing, and some people say that the first mountaineering is Mt. Fuji!. Fuji climbing where various people challenge like this. Even if you are not a veteran of mountain climbing, it is the summer season when you can challenge. It can also be said that it is the most easily climbable time in a year.

Difference between Mt. Fuji season and out of the season

Let’s recognize the risk outside the season by firmly understanding the difference between the season of Mt. Fuji and the outside of the season.

・Whether the mountain hut is open or not

First of all, I think the biggest factor that a beginner can climb Mt. Fuji is a mountain hut. If Mt. Fuji does not have such a mountain hut, it should be a difficult mountain for beginners. Compared with other mountains, the journey is short, but once it gets rough, it will be placed in harsh environments because the altitude is high. If it is a normal mountain, you can avoid as much risk as possible by knowledge and experience, or endure a short time with perfect equipment. In Mt. Fuji, the mountain hut takes over the role. The role of mountain huts is tremendous for beginners of climbing. In a situation where this hut is not open, it will be a difficult climb. People who do not know mountains should not climb out of the season.

・Whether there are some toilet or not

It will change in the season whether there are some toilet. During Mt.Fuji climbing season, you can use the toilet at the top of the mountain or the toilet at the mountain hut at a fee. However, outside of the season all the toilets are closed. Only the fifth station of starting point is open (It will be from the foot since the traffic closure will be closed even for the fifth station at snow season). It is necessary to prepare a portable toilet and to have a speedy climbing as fast as you do not have to go to the toilet. If it is a person who climbs quite frequently, I think that it will be possible in about 5 hours round trip. I think that you should not climb out of the season unless you do not put as much physical strength as possible, including risk avoidance such as weather.

What is the actual situation of Mt. Fuji other than the summer mountain period?

Fuji will be opened in July and closed in mid September. What about Mt. Fuji at other times? Let’s understand the situation and avoid risky Mt. Fuji climbing. In conclusion, climbing beginners must never challenge.

・Mt.Fuji climbing before the season

Firstly, the state of the mountain before the opening of the mountain varies from year to year. In most years there is snow near the summit even at the end of June and there is consultation as to whether we will put off the opening in July. The staff will walk Fuji climbing road at the end of June and judge whether it will open. In 2015 and 2016, thawing quickly occurred, especially in 2016 when there was almost no snow in June, it was almost the same as during the season (although the toilet problem described above will occur). Actually in June of the year 2016 there were many climbers on Saturday and Sunday. However, in the beginning of June every year there is snowfall, not usual Fuji climbing equipment. From the end of the GW to the middle of June, you must always equip the mountain for snowy mountaineering.

・After the Fuji climbing season (from the end of September to the first half of October)

For Fuji climbing after the season, I think that the danger level varies according to the time. Of course, though the situation varies depending on the year, I think that we want you to recognize the risk firmly, I explain the situation separately. From the end of September to the first half of October, it can be said that it is the easiest climb out of the Fuji climbing season. Basically there is no snow (although preparation is necessary because there is a possibility of snowfall), if the weather is stable, it is possible to climb quiet and calm Mt. Fuji. Personally it is my favorite time. Since Taiyokan at Subashiri trail sometimes operates a mountain hut at this time, it is good to call them before going. I think that planning will be easier by using mountain hut. However, this season is very cold and freezing temperatures are commonplace on the summit. Because it pretty cold down the road, considerable countermeasure against cold becomes indispensable.

・After Fuji climbing season (late October to November)

This season is the season when Mt. Fuji is snowy. Even if there is no snow, it will not happen when snow falls during climbing. It is necessary for those who climb up during this time to fully experience snowy mountains. People who have never experienced snowy mountains or winter mountains should not climb. I think that it is good to walk on the snowy road and go to the fifth station and train on the snow because it’s less danger.

・After the Fuji climbing season (from December to March )

Mt.Fuji climbing this time is the most dangerous. It is a very accident period. Moreover, it is not only due to accidents caused by inexperienced or poor equipment. Even if those who have very experienced winter mountain climbing, or even those who climb Mt. Fuji over and over in the winter season are causing an accident.

Why the accident happens even if you are accustomed to the snowy mountain, the vicinity of the summit of Mt. Fuji at this time is almost blue ice condition, it is hard to stick Eisen and Pickle. Although if only that will not increase accidents, in addition, due to strong winds and gusts peculiar to the topography of Mt. Fuji, it also adds to the loss of the balance, causing many sliding accidents. Also, although it tends to be a difficult mountain path, even if you can climb up, it will be a situation that you can not go down. In the vicinity of the summit the slope will be close to 40 degrees. It is a state that it is not surprising even when accident happens to say clearly, the situation where the stickiness of the eisen is bad on hard ice and it is unstable in the wind. Even those who are rich in snowy mountains, Mt. Fuji in the winter season will be in a dangerous situation.

Even in such a situation, there are people who want to climb Mt. Fuji in the winter season by now. I will step further on for those people. With Pickel, we can not make fulcrums on hard frozen ice. So the only solution is to use ice screws at more than eighth station. However, because it takes time, it must be a person who has acquired considerable training such as being accustomed to rope work. However, I think that the idea of climbing without securing Mt. Fuji during winter season should be revised.

After all, out of the summer season (outside the season) can you climb Mt Fuji?

As we have explained so far, in the summer mountain period, we are in a situation where we are fortunate to climb, we can climb under such circumstances. Conversely speaking, except for the summer mountain period, there are not enough conditions to climb. Fuji climbing other than the summer mountain period in which the administrative side is not sufficiently planned and equipped is prohibited. As of 2018, it is not a complete prohibition, but I think that the summit should not be aimed even if you are an experienced person, especially during the winter season from late December to March. Mt. Fuji climbing outside the summer mountain is, of course, self-responsible. We also need to submit climbing planning documents. And it is necessary to climb mountain with enough equipment, technology and physical strength, assuming the snow situation mentioned above.

How was it?
You can see the situation of Mt. Fuji during the season on other sites, but it is difficult to know the situation outside of the season easily.
I myself have experienced danger by climbing Mt. Fuji in winter and I have seen a lot of painful circumstances as a rescue aid to climb Mt. Fuji in winter. I would like you to know that experience even a bit and avoid avoiding reckless and dangerous climbing Mt. Fuji.

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