The Mt.Fuji climbing -the Yoshida trail-

The Mt.Fuji climbing -the Yoshida trail-

Because the Yoshida trail (Kawaguchiko trail) is equipped with the facilities such as a mountain hut, a relief place and the shop, it is the most popular by the Mt.Fuji climbing. This course is formed by two routes of Yoshidaguchi mountain trail and Yoshida trail (Kawaguchiko trail). Yoshidaguchi mountain trail is a route used for faith mountain climbing of the Edo era and leaves the Fuji Asama Shinto shrine of Fujiyoshida-shi and joins Kawaguchiko route leaving the fifth stage of the Fuji Subaru line terminal at the sixth stage.

Is Yoshidaguchi mountain trail and Yoshida trail different?

Mentions introducing Yoshidaguchi mountain trail and Yoshida trail (Kawaguchiko trail) into by the same expression are seen a lot, but are different to be accurate. You go to the fifth stage by car and bus, and where you climb from there is Kawaguchiko trail. Where you climb from FujI north exit Asama Shrine in the Mt.Fuji foot is Yoshidaguchi mountain trail. Yoshidaguchi mountain trail was used for a main root in old days, but the flow of the person changed since the Fuji Subaru line which was the motorway was opened, and Yoshida route became Main road. Yoshidaguchi mountain trail and Yoshida trail join at the sixth station.

The difference of Mt.Fuji climbing from Yoshida(Kawaguchiko) trail

Departure from Fuji Asama Shrine of the Mount Fuji first stage is the start of the original Yoshidaguchi mountain trail, but it may be said that it is a course for good walkers who used to the mountain climbing because high physical strength is necessary if you climb Mt.Fuji from there. Therefore the departure from the Yoshida(Kawaguchiko) trail of the fifth stage to be able to go to by bus and car is suitable for the beginner who is not used to the mountain and is not confident in your physical strength. The fifth stage is approximately 2,300 meters above sea level. As for the altitude difference to the mountaintop, approximately 1,400 meters, distance to walk are approximately 6.3 km. The main mountain trail of Mt.Fuji has 4 roots of Yoshida,Subashiri, Gotemba, Fujinomiya. There is a difference of altitude and the distance, and the trail which take most long time is Gotemba trail, the second is Subashiri trail, the third is Yoshida(awaguchiko) trail, the fourth is Fujinomiya trail. Yoshida trail (Kawaguchiko trail) is popular course because the mountaIn trail is maintained and there are relief place and the mountain hut enough. However, there are not places to hide yourself when the sunlight is strong while you climbing, and there might be the mountain sickness. Don’t overdo and miss a moderate break and hydration. In addition, the attention to the sudden change of the weather including a gust of wind and the thunderstorm is necessary because Mt.Fuji is the independence peak where there are no mountain. It is Mt.Fuji with the image to be able to climb easy from a child to an elderly person, but there is a possibility that can lead to accidents if you are careless, so prepare for physical condition management and the equipment well to make pleasant mountain climbing.

The access for Yoshida(Kawaguchiko) trail of Mt.Fuji climbing

The starting spot of the Yoshida trail (Kawaguchiko trail) is in the fifth station of the Fuji Subaru line, so you take a bus or taxi, or you go there by car because there are no train. Because there are regulation of the car in the climbing season of summer, general cars cannot enter Mt.Fuji. You leave the car in the parking of the foot of Mt.Fuji and use the shuttle bus. In the case of an express bus, there are nonstop bus from each place of downtown area and Nagoya, Osaka to the fifth station, so the value to reserve and use this bus will be high because you can sit down surely. But you need to prepare some food and drink before you ride a bus because you cannot do shopping on the way in convenience stores.

The mountain hut of Yoshida(Kawagushiko) trail

One of the characteristics of the Yoshida(Kawaguchiko) trail is with more number of mountain huts than other routes. The opening season of the mountain hut is from July 1 to the end of August basically when Mt.Fuji opened (until the middle of September partly). There are mountain huts between the fifth station to the eighth station and a half, and there are none in the top. Each seating capacity is from 100 people to 300 people, but it is crowded very much in a summer season because Yoshida(Kawaguchio) trail is popular. There is not the private room, and space for one piece of futon is assigned for one person in a large room. I think that they deal with unplanned staying due to illnnes and just break, but a reservation is basically necessary. Because you may not put it when you arrive late at night, you will confirm arrival prediction time well beforehand. Because water is precious in Mt.Fuji, there are no water holes for bathing, face washing and hand washing. Therefore you should prepare the wet tissues drying your hand and drinking water by yourself.

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