The Headlamp for Mt.Fuji climbing

The Headlamp for Mt.Fuji climbing

You should prepare a headlamp if you climb Mt.Fuji. However if you climb a mountain in earnest at first, there is a lot of things you don’t know. There are various headlamp, I think you don’t know what kind of headlamp is good for Mt.Fuji climbing. Because it was the item which might be life-threatening, you should have chosen it carefully.

What is the headlamp for Mt.Fuji climbing? How to choose the headlamp

As a headlamp for Mt.Fuji climbing, there are many headlamps that light quantity is very big. But you may inconvenience for other mountain climbing visitors when there is too light quantity. Furthermore, it may be good because compact and light weight one does not reduce physical strength. And you will have to check it how long time to use. It is not convenient if it’s short time to use even if light quantity is enough. Of course it is necessary to choose the headlight with waterproofing or the drip-proofness for rainy weather.

The headlamp is usable at such time

The headlamp for Mt.Fuji climbing is used to light up the step at the time of a night walk. In addition, the headlamp is necessary in a mountain hut because enough light is not secured in the mountain even if you do not walk by night. There is often the restroom in the slightly remote place from the mountain hut, and it is reliable if you act while lighting up the step by a headlight on the occasion of the movement to a hut. Some expensive light can emit red light. The light source of red has a long wavelength, and light arrives far. Because it’s usable for an accident or the signal to an in the distance remote person, you will learn it! In addition the red light is good for the eye, so it will not disturb the beauty of stars to have changed the red light in the case of starry sky full mark in Mt.Fuji.

Prepare the spare battery for the headlamp

It may be said that the headlamp is a required item if you want to climb Mt.Fuji comfortably. And you must assume that you use it for a long time if your purpose is a view of the sunrise from the top of Mt.Fuji because a walk is necessary by night. Then it is necessary to be careful because the battery of the headlight may run out during mountain climbing. When a headlight is not usable, it becomes hard to walk a step, and the risk of the fall will increase. You should prepare for a spare battery if you use it for a long time.

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