What kind of clothes should I choose for Mt. Fuji climbing?

What kind of clothes should I choose for Mt. Fuji climbing?

If you go to the mountain climbing shop, there are many kinds of climbing wear, and you are troubled as to which one to choose. But for climbers of mountaineering, I think there is resistance to arranging expensive clothes all at once. So, first of all it is recommended to combine clothes you own with rental goods.

Clothes for Mt.Fuji climbing is basically layered

Let me first explain how to wear clothes for Mt.Fuji climbing. As mentioned earlier, let’s first think about choosing some from the clothes you have and laying on them suitable for climbing. Clothing for mountain climbing is useless in one or two. Because it is very important to wear a number of pieces of clothes so that you can adjust your own temperature because there is a considerable difference in temperature between the beginning and the descent. By the method that you wear several pieces of clothes which are easy to absorb sweat and take off if it becomes hot,  you can control temperature.  You can considerably reduce fatigue at the time of the mountain climbing by doing so it.

About moisture permeable material rain gear

Well, especially important for climbing wear is moisture-permeable material rain gear, that is, moisture resistant windbreaker. It is a must-have item to protect your body’s safety, so you must purchase this at a climbing shop. Especially Gore-Tex’s wear is recommended for beginners. By wearing this, you can prevent the rain from falling during climbing, or getting yourself warmed by the climbing in the winter. And Gore-Tex can pass steam like sweat without getting wet even if it gets wet in the rain. So you can keep exact temperature without feeling discomfort.

Wearing a warm clothes under the rain wear

Well, lastly one more thing to wear as an important clothing when climbing is a warm clothes. It becomes quite cold especially in the winter, so it will be necessary to wear firmly warm clothes. Wear the warm clothing under the rain wear and as a material you should choose the mountain down jacket and fleece as winter clothes. The mountain down jacket and fleece are light, high heat retention, and sweat absorbency is also excellent, so it is recommended for beginners. If it is a down jacket that you can wear in the city, it will be difficult to move your body because it is thick, and storage will be serious too. If it is a mountain down jacket it is possible to store compactly, and it is useful for keeping warmth. Because it is easy to wear and remove, if it gets a little hot, take off your body temperature, if it gets cold, you should wear it again.

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