The jagged line is between the white part and the blue part in some pictures of Mt.Fuji. -The mystery about Mt.Fuji-

The jagged line is between the white part and the blue part in some pictures of Mt.Fuji. -The mystery about Mt.Fuji-

The season when you can see beautiful Mt.Fuji has come.

It’s the most beautiful from late November (It’s covered by snow.) to March (The snow hasn’t started to melt yet.).

If somebody see the mountain without white part (In this case, it isn’t covered snow.) in summer season.  Maybe the person ask to us,  “Where can I see Mt.Fuji?”.

A lot of tourists are impressed by Mt.Fuji in winter version.

By the way, the Mt.Fuji is drawn, almost people paint it that the top is flat and the upper part is white, the lower part is blue. The boundary line that is between blue and white is painted jagged line. We know the white is expressed the snow, and blue is expressed the mountain’s surface. But why is the line jagged? Now I’ll teach you the reason.

The boundary line of Mt.Fuji is expressed jagged, actually “○○”. [The mystery about Mt.Fuji]

The white part is snow, and the blue part is on the surface of Mt.Fuji. This is correct.

The white part, I mean, you can see the snow part on Mt.Fuji. It’s jagged.

This “you can see” is an important point!

The white part that is visible, there is no trees. So there is nothing to disturb, you can see directly the surface that is covered snow . In other words, the blue part has lots of trees. There has trees, and you cannot see the covered with snow on the ground.

The boundary line which is between tree part and the other is white and blue jagged.   It says “Timberline” in technical terms.

“Timberline” cannot separate same height. [The mystery about Mt.Fuji]

Why doesn’t it same height anyplace?

If the tree part and the no tree part were same height on Mt.Fuji, the border isn’t “jagged” but “straight line”.

Actually, this “Timberline” is a difficult to separate that as strictly 〇〇m. This is uneven.

Almost people says, the timberline of mountains in Hokkaido is 1000-metre and the line of the northern Japanese Alps is 2000-metre, the line of the southern Japanese Alps is in the later of 2000-metre. As noted above, mountains such as Mt. Fuji cannot be separated the line in the same height.

The reason is the ridge and the valley of the mountain.

If Mt.Fuji was perfect conical form, the timberline is separated same height everywhere. Then you can see straight line between the white part and the blue part. (Actually,  it isn’t straight line. the line is inclined.)

One of the beautiful mountain such as Mt.Fuji has some ridge and valley either. So the surface is unevenness. There is different in a sunny place and drying condition of ground under the ground condition. It means the place where easily to grow tree or not. In conclusion, the picture of Mt.Fuji is expressed the unevenness of Timberline that is drawn white part and blue part.

There is the season when the boundary line of Mt.Fuji isn’t jagged!? [The mystery about Mt.Fuji]

You know the reason that the paint of Mt.Fuji is expressed jagged the timberline between the white part and the blue part. We’ll give you a new information. Mt.Fuji has the season that no appear jagged in one of on it. It’s very short-term. The term is from late October to early November. If you can see it, you are very lucky.

Basically, the previously theory influences to Mt.Fuji. If I wrote all theory about it, it will be not interesting. So that’s all for today.

You know lots of beautiful points in Mt.Fuji, when you see it.

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