Belongings for Mt.Fuji climbing [Convenient item]

Belongings for Mt.Fuji climbing [Convenient item]

 ・Trekking pole

One of the equipment with much opinion that it was good to take it when asked to those who went to climb Mt. Fuji is trekking poles. You can climb Mt. Fuji even if you do not have a trekking pole, but using the trekking pole reduces the burden on your legs, it is very helpful to take balance and prevent falls. It is recommended to have both hands in a set.
In the rental of Soranoshita, we rent out everything in two sets.

・Support tights

When wearing shorts and skirt type wear, let’s wear support tights under.
Support tights of compression type (there is a tightening well) type will assist muscular strength, so it is recommended.


At the altitude of Mt. Fuji, the ultraviolet rays are very strong, and the eyes are damaged. Let’s choose UV cut type sunglasses. It also reduces the dust lump into your eyes.

・Portable oxygen

In addition to can type oxygen cans, recently there are types of drinking and eating.


At the summit of Mt. Fuji, ultraviolet rays will increase by about 40%, so it is good to take it.


Amino acid tablets and jelly type etc. reduce fatigue and muscle pain.

・Spats (Gaiter)

It prevents rain and sand entering the shoes. Even if it does not rain at Mt. Fuji, it is good to take it because there are so many sand and gravel.


At Mt. Fuji, when there is no rain, a dust cloud dances, so it is convenient to take with you.

・Disposable heat pack

It may be a necessity item in waiting for sunrise at Mt. Fuji summit.


People who are planning to stay at a mountain hut and feel uncomfortable with sounds, let’s take it for sleep.


A high-function watch with a function that understands atmospheric pressure and altitude is very convenient, and it will entertain Mt. Fuji more.

・Survival sheet (Emergency sheet)

It is also called a silver sheet. It is useful for maintaining the body temperature when waiting for sunrise or in emergency.


Hydration (water supply equipment) is also an item that many people who went to climb Mt. Fuji were good to have taken. Of course, even if you do not have hydration, water is a necessity, but with hydration, you can save time and effort to remove each time, so “important water supply” which is important for prevention of altitude sickness becomes easy.

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