The best climbing season in Mt.Fuji.

The best climbing season in Mt.Fuji.

You cannot climb Mt.Fuji every day, if you’d like to climb it.

When is the climbing season Mt.Fuji? Basically, the climbing season starts from the beginning of July to the middle of September every year. Mt.Fuji is the high altitude, so the surface is covered by snow for being longer term than other mountains in Japan. And start date of climbing is different each year. Because of the snow isn’t completely melted different depending on locations. And all climbers cannot climb Mt.Fuji safety in the out of climbing season. The more you climb, the colder it becomes. In addition, it’s very dangerous to climb Mt.Fuji in the winter season for the beginner climber.

How long the climbing term of Mt.Fuji?

The climbing term of Mt.Fuji is between from the beginning of July to the middle of September every year. Mt.Fuji has 4 mountain roads and each road is different the opening term. The Yoshida-route which is the most lots of climber to climb in the season than the other route is opening earlier and slower closure time than other route. Climbers can climb Mt.Fuji from Yoshida-route between 1st July to 14th September in 2015. Aside to that, the climbing available term was between 10th July to 10th September. Actually, the mountain road is opened but also the first-aid station and the public toilet is closed in early July or in mid-September.

The crowded term of Mt.Fuji in a year.

The crowed term of Mt.Fuji is between around late July and around mid-August. Especially, it is to be very crowed in consecutive holiday or Obon vacation. It’s hard to book the mountain hut on Mt.Fuji and there is very crowed lots of crimbers who wait for the sunrise seen on the summit. So you have to book the mountain hut early if you make a plan to climb Mt.Fuji.

Actually, the crowed term depends on the weather. If the end of the rainy season is earlier than usual, the summit is crowed by crimbers around mid-July.

And this congestion depends on the climbing route. The popular route such as Yoshida-route or Fujinomiya-route are crowded. But Subashiri-route or Gotemba-route is not so much in the weekends even if it is consecutive holiday or Obon vacation. If you’d like to climb to keep your own pace, you might to avoid the crowded term or to select the route that is not so lots of crimbers.

Which is the best season to climb Mt.Fuji?

Between around last July and around early September are better season than the other season. So this term is good season to climb. It is not stable the weather around early July. Because the term is not still the end rainy season in Japan. The days are shorter than other months, and it becomes colder and colder from this month. The sunrise at 14th September is later about an hour than 1st July. around mid-September.

The congestion is eased in September. So you can climb your own pace. But the cold is harder and harder from this month. You have to get ready to measure for cold weather. By the way, between around early July and mid-August are the most easily to climb, but it is inevitable to be crowded on the mountain route.

You have to select the climbing date which is the weekday in the around late July or is the weekend of last week in August.

If you’d like to climb comfortable on Mt.Fuji, you have to climb it in the best season.

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