The belongings for Mt.Fuji climbing -to enjoy climbing-

The belongings for Mt.Fuji climbing -to enjoy climbing-

The belongings for Mt.Fuji climbing

By Mt.Fuji climbing, it is desirable as possible to make baggage and the equipment light weight, a compact, but wants to take the equipment and goods, the item enjoying Mt.Fuji climbing more. So I introduce pleasant goods for Mt.Fuji climbing.


In Mt.Fuji, there is a lot of scenes that you want to photograph such as not to mention the sunrise from the top of Mt.Fuji, beautiful view, memories with friends, the fashionable wear for mountain climbing. You can photograph even a smartphone and a cell-phone, but can leave memories of Mt.Fuji climbing and the splendid scenery of Mt.Fuji clearly when you take a digital camera and a video camera if able to afford.


It is very nice to drink the coffee in Mt.Fuji!
You may want to eat the warm cup noodles so asexually.
If you have a small burner, it can come true!
Don’t forget fuel and the cooker (Kochel)!

  ・Cup noodles, Cup soup, Coffee

Let’s enjoy hot drinks and hot foods with using the burner mentioned above by all means!
It is more delicious than you imagine!

・High-spec watches

It is fun to climb with knowing about which height you are and where you are. A high-spec watches for the mountain climbing is very convenient!

We Soranoshita rent high-spec wathes core Suunto/ Sunto.

・Binocular glasses

The observation of the moon is really impressed in Mt.Fuji at night not to mention looking at the scenery of this world from Mt.Fuji! We ask the customer “What was impressive in the Mt.Fuji climbing? “, and then many people answered “the moon is as dreadfully beautiful ” . So I really recommend Mt.Fuji climbing for full moon.

The rental for the Ascot ZR10 X 50WP of binoculars is here

・Something sour

What I really recommended one is “the lemon pickled in honey”. The body want sweet and sour one because you are exhausting your physical strength. It’s very nice to eat that with Mt.Fuji climbing. And I think it’s also good Salted Plum and the sour candy so on.

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