The gaiter(spats) for Mt.Fuji climbing

The gaiter(spats) for Mt.Fuji climbing

How to choose the gaiter(Spats) for Mt.Fuji climbing

Gaiter(Spats) height depends on how much protection you need. Generally, for use in snow or when you’re heading off trail, you’ll want a taller gaiter. Shorter gaiters(spats) are great for trail running and hiking.
  • Over-the-ankle: These low gaiters are primarily designed for trail running or summertime hiking where the goal is to keep pebbles and other trail debris out of your shoes and boots.
  • Mid-calf: These gaiters are usually about 8-to-12-inches tall. These are best for less-than-extreme conditions when you just need to keep trail debris and rain out of your boots.
  • Knee: These are typically around 15-to-18-inches tall and are designed for rugged conditions such as hiking through deep snow and wet brush, or in bad weather.

The Role of the gaiter(Spats) for Mt.Fuji climbing

The basic role of gaiter is preventing a snowy invasion to the inside of shoes, but the other role is sand and rain removal for when descending. Mt.Fuji looks like very beautiful mountain if you see it from grand, but there are stones of various size there actually. The weather is easy to change and it sometime rain or snow depending on a season because Mt.Fuji is high altitudes. Because the pebble made of volcanoes absorbs water, and it becomes a muddy voice, it cling when it get once and get heavy. Therefore it prevent soil including the water and sand from getting in shoes and prevent that temperature falls down when it rained by taking gaiter at the time of a descent from a mountain.

How to wear the gaiter(spats) when it is rainy

It is rain measures to have to be careful most in Mt.Fuji climbing . Because the mountain of high altitudes is approximately below the freezing point in summer, there is the risk that a foot gets cold in the rain, and the blood circulation worsens, and cannot walk. Therefore you assume that weather may change for the worse even if a place of high altitudes seems to clear at the time of a mountain climbing start. And it is necessary to know how you should wear the gaiter which you prepared when it rains. You put a hem of the underwear in gaiter and to prevent an invasion of snow and the gravel. However, in the case of rain, a raindrop running down the underwear is in the gaiter by this how to wear. Therefore it prevent that the inside of shoes gets wet when you wear the gaiter inside and take out a hem of the underwear in the case of the rain.

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