The tips of preventing the Altitude sickness on Mt.Fuji.

The tips of preventing the Altitude sickness on Mt.Fuji.

When you climb Mt.Fuji, you have to be careful some points. Of course you should  think about the bringing climbing gears. But one of the most important things is the preventing altitude sickness. If you know that or not, your climbing is great different. So we’ll teach you how to prevent the altitude sickness.

The first of preparing things for preventing the altitude sickness before climbing Mt.Fuji.

Everyone has a risk of getting a altitude sickness while climbing Mt.Fuji. The guides who accustomed to climb get a altitude sickness possibility when they are climbing.

What will we do the preparation for a altitude sickness? The answer is “Health Management”. Especially, sleeping hours. Altitude sickness is appeared by less Oxygen inside body and the symptom is like lack of sleep. The person who is lack of sleep is more become sleep than before. The guide of Mt.Fuji is no exception. The guide who can be altitude accommodation is possibility to become the sickness. So it is very difficult to reject the lack of sleep.

We would like to hope it that please keep in mind thing that you will get enough sleep the day before the climbing day. This is one of the most important things for climbing Mt.Fuji.

The taking steps in order to reject a altitude sickness while climbing Mt.Fuji.

Usually, the guides say one of the advices that it is taking a rest an hour on the 5th station on Mt.Fuji for altitude acclimatization and climbing later. But this is not enough to be altitude acclimatization. Actually, the man who works on the 5th station every years was to become altitude sickness. When you act on the high places, the activities are higher amount of exercise than same activities on the flatland. And we want you to take measures to protect two of the important things such as hydrate and breath for your body from altitude sickness.

Drinking water is better than the can of oxygen.

Perhaps you think why is the drinking water effective better than the can of oxygen for altitude sickness? The reason of the altitude sickness is less the oxygen inside the body. Water accounts for 60 to 70% of the human body. The water helps to move blood flow inside body. If the water is not enough inside body, the blood flow is not smoothly. Then the blood is hard to flow to the head. The condition makes water deficit and you will become altitude sickness.

Otherwise if you drink water, it will be absorbed in blood immediately. You should be careful the amount of water at once. The timing of drinking water is frequently. The interval is about 10 minutes and not so much the amount of drinking water. If you bring the Water Bladder Reservoir to Mt.Fuji, you can drink water walking on the trekking road.

Let’s master how to breathe in the climbing mountain.

The tips of breathe is easy!

  1. To pucker up your mouth like to suck drinks using straw.
    Then you brow out all air in your lung.
  2. To exhale slowly from your mouth.
  3. To hold your breathe about 1 second.

When you take a rest, you do the above the tips of breathe consciously. Only this way, but this is very good effectively when you climb Mt.Fuji.

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