Climbing registration for Mt.Fuji climbing

Climbing registration for Mt.Fuji climbing

What is climbing registration for Mt.Fuji climbing?

Do all of you who you want to climb Mt.Fuji of this summer or have been already planned concretely know about “Climbing registration for Mt.Fuji climbing”? “Climbing registration” is listed the information such as a name, address, or the emergency contact information of the member to climb together and the schedule or the equipment. It is with the valuable document which can know the information of the mountaineer if you submit this climbing registration as “the notification of mountain climbing” before climbing a mountain when the accidents such as distress by any chance. There is the style of standard climbing registration recommended by Municipality, Police Station and Mountain Association, but it’s no problem to take simplified type one if you climb Mt.Fuji with a general root while climbing season.

It’s important to share the climbing plan with members

By the way, in the case of Mt.Fuji climbing in summer, is the notification of mountain climbing really necessary? It is sometime said that they cannot manage it in a part even if submitted because there are too many numbers. That’s not true. Making the climbing registration for Mt.Fuji climbing is important not only for just in case by submitting as the notification of mountain climbing, but only for that all members can check and share schedules, routes, equipment and items to be carried again. There are many climber by tour or group who don’t know about even which root they climb, what’s the name of mountain hut they stay in Mt,Fuji climbing for summer. Mount Fuji is maintained very much and there are many people in Mt.Fuji, so you may think it’s reliable, but there is a possibility that the weather will be greatly rough or encounter natural disasters. View becomes very bad and may get separated from a member. Please make climbing registration for member even Mt.Fuji climbing in summer and submit it as the notification of mountain climbing.

The submission destination of climbing registration for Mt.Fuji climbing

Let’s mail it in the post of the fifth station without forgetting it before climbing Mt.Fuji if you write the climbing registration for Mt.Fuji climbing. Or you mail or fax beforehand to the address in follows.

・In the case of the Yoshida trail use

The Yamanashi Police headquarters
〒 400-8586
1-6-1, Marunouchi, Koufu-shi, Yamanashi
Yamanashi Police headquarters life security district area section
※Write on the envelope table “the climbing registration inside”
FAX 055-224-1180

・In the case of Subashiri, Fujinomiya, Gotemba trail use

The Shizuoka Police headquarters
〒 420-8610
9-6, Otemachi, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka
Shizuoka Police headquarters area section
※Write on the envelope table “the climbing registration inside”
FAX 054-271-3776

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