Fujinomiya trail for Mt.Fuji climbing

Fujinomiya trail for Mt.Fuji climbing

Today, we will introduce “Fujinomiya trail” which can receive and return “Soranoshita” rental products in the fifth station.

In Fujinomiya trail, you can see the ocean for a long time!

Because of the climbing road on the sea side of Mt. Fuji, if the weather is good you can climb the mountain overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The view can be said to be one of the most popular mountain trail of Mt.Fuji. On the day the air is clear, you can also overlook Suruga Bay! Because the distance of the climbing road is also short, very good scenery and sea breeze will make your body less lighter, you may be able to climb quickly!

“Gogoume rest house” which is the only store / dining hall at the fifth station of Fujinomiya trail

In Fujinomiya trail, there is only one shop and dining room in the fifth station. Let ‘s start on your way out after preparing firmly here. While returning to the mountains, looking back on the memories of Mt. Fuji climbing, it is a good idea to take a meal together and enjoy souvenir selection.

“Gogoume rest house” can receive and return Mt.Fuji climbing rental supplies of “Soranoshita”

“Soranoshita” will show stores only during the period of July 10 – September 13 in the “Gogoume rest house” located on the fifth station of the Fujinomiya trail. Receipt and return of “Mt.Fuji climbing rental supplies” booked with “Soranoshita” is possible. Open period is from July 10th to September 13th. Reception hours are from 9:30am to 3:00pm. Even if it is past the reception time, you can keep it at the shop if it is within the opening hours of Gogoume Rest House, but please pay 500 yen for one person as a storage fee at the shop. Please check shop information and maps here.

OPEN9:00 - 18:00
SORANOSHITA KAWAGUCHIKO3631-2 Funatsu Fujikawaguchiko Minamitsuru-gun Yamanashi Google Map